If you choose to become pregnant without sexual intercourse, for instance, because you are a single woman or a lesbian couple, you have the possibility of performing an at-home insemination. This solution is for those who prefer to remain in the comfort of their own home, rather than going to a fertility clinic. Easy to perform, the Turkey Baster Method is really popular amongst women who want to become pregnant with donor sperm.

Turkey Baster Method: What is it?

Basically, the Turkey Baster Method is a technique of artificial insemination (intracervical insemination) practiced by the woman herself, usually in her own home. It involves the collection of sperm that can either come from a sperm bank or from a known donor selected on an online platform.

After being collected, the semen is slowly injected with a syringe as close to the cervix as possible in order for the sperm to fertilize the egg.

Many women find this method of becoming pregnant at home useful.

Don’t worry, this form of insemination does not actually require you to use a turkey baster, rather a disposable syringe that is more effective, for instance, a needleless syringe.

How does it work?

First of all, you need to select a donor. Whether it be via a sperm bank, fertility clinic, a known donor who is a relative or one chosen online and willing to co-parent with you, there are plenty of ways to find a donor.

Next, your donor needs to collect his semen in either a sterile cup, a condom or a baggy. When this is done, it will be necessary to remove the air from the needleless syringe or the oral medicine syringe before filling it with the donated semen. To deposit the sperm, you first need to gently place the syringe into your vagina, next to the cervix. Then you can slowly inject the semen. Be careful not to do it too fast to avoid losing any of it. You must then stay in the same position for at least 30 minutes to ensure that the sperm will remain in the right place. You can use pillows to help keep your hips raised. This position allows the sperm to stay inside the vagina.

To encourage the sperm to fertilize an egg, it’s essential that you inject the semen slowly to ensure that it doesn’t go elsewhere.

What do I need to perform an at-home insemination?

To do the Turkey Baster Method, you will need:

  • A needleless syringe or oral medicine syringe that is perfectly sterilized;
  • A sterile cup or a condom to collect sperm;
  • A towel to keep your bed clean;
  • Pillows to make the position comfortable for you;
  • Candles, music or anything that can help you to feel more relaxed;

You can also purchase an artificial insemination kit that contains everything you need to perform the turkey baster method at home.

How can I boost my chances of becoming pregnant?

You should ensure that you perform the Turkey Baster Method when you are ovulating, or 2-3 days beforehand. Otherwise, the insemination process will be unsuccessful and you won’t fall pregnant.

It is often hard for women to predict when they’re ovulating. Fortunately, plenty of tools can help you to know when is the most fertile moment of your cycle. You can, for instance, buy an ovulation predictor kit from a drugstore. Another method is to measure your basal body temperature with a basal thermometer.

Smartphone apps can also be really useful for helping you to keep track of your cycle, and therefore, your ovulation. Your most fertile day occurs usually 10 to 16 days after the first day of your period.

It is said that having an orgasm right after insemination can make the process more successful.

Do women get pregnant with the Turkey baster method?

Yes, women can become pregnant via this method. It is difficult to give precise statistics for the Turkey Baster Method, however, according to a study, the success rate for at-home insemination is around 10% to 15% per cycle. In comparison, young and healthy couples have a 20% to 37% chance of conceiving within the first three months of trying by sexual intercourse. Keep in mind that for most people several attempts are needed before becoming pregnant. Another solution is to go to a fertility clinic and have the artificial insemination performed by professional medical staff.