Many people’s first port of call when looking to find anything, whether it is information, a service, a product or, indeed, a sperm donor, is the internet. And gaining information about sperm donation is no longer the only part of your insemination process that can be done over the internet; you now have the chance to find your sperm donor online.

First of all, it’s quite important to ascertain why you could be looking for a free sperm donor online, and how you should ensure that you are as well informed as is possible.

When you choose to find a sperm donor, you are choosing a man to donate his semen in order for you to fertilise an egg which will eventually become an embryo and then a baby. If you choose to use a known sperm donor or a co-parent, then the man will be somebody known to you, either a friend who is giving you a donation or somebody with whom you will share the rights and responsibilities of the child.

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Anonymous sperm donor?

If you choose to use an anonymous sperm donor, then you are either in a relationship with somebody who is unable to fertilise an embryo with their own sperm, or you are choosing to raise your child alone. Once you have decided to use an anonymous sperm donor then the best place to look for this donor will be online, and best of all this is where you should be able to find somebody to donate their sperm to you for free.

It is still possible to use a sperm bank in order to find a sperm donor, however this method can quickly break the bank and many women have turned to online websites such as for help in finding a free sperm donor. Our website is full of hundreds of men who are willing to do a good deed and donate free sperm to women just like you who are desperate to make their dream of becoming a mother come true.

Want to know about your sperm donor

Using the discussion board, or forum capacity of the website, many people are looking for how to find a free sperm donor online and prospective parents get in touch to discuss their requirements for their sperm donor and their ability to produce high quality sperm. The forum is your chance to find out as much as you want to know about your sperm donor, so it will be your choice whether you want to know detailed information about the donor’s personality, beliefs and values, whether you are only interesting in family medical history and the possibility of genetic diseases or difficulties, or whether you are basing your decision on height, weight and other physical aspects of your donor.

The discussion board is your safe space to advertise your requirements for your sperm donor, and it’s also your chance to read about some prospective sperm donors who have placed their advertisements on the forum. Placing an advertisement does not obligate you in any way to follow through with any of the responses, but it allows you to screen your potential donors from a safe distance.

Tactics for finding a sperm donor on the internet: to ensure that you get the responses that you are looking for, your advertisement should clearly state whether you are looking to get pregnant through artificial or natural insemination, as well as where you are located and how far you are willing to travel. If you want your donor to remain anonymous to you, then you will need to make this clear in your advertisement and set out how you plan to go about insemination, such as asking the donor to freeze his sperm or donate at a clinic where you plan to be inseminated.

If you are looking for certain physical requirements, these should be clearly set out, as well as your preference in terms of family history and other aspects of his character that you deem important. Perhaps most importantly, your advertisement should clear state whether or not you are willing for the sperm donor to be involved in the child’s life.


The forum process will help you to find a free sperm donor online, and once you have made contact with your prospective donor, it will be up to you to arrange the rest of the process. It is important that you know what the current laws are surrounding sperm donation in your country, for example it is illegal for a sperm donor to be paid in Canada, so make sure that your donor does not ask for financial compensation.

Most importantly, if you have any questions surrounding your search for a free sperm donor online, do not hesitate to ask questions on the forum, where other members will be more than happy to help you. Solve all of your sperm donation questions and problems all at once!