How to Find a Free Sperm Donor Online?

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Many people’s first port of call when looking to find anything, whether it is information, a service, a product or, indeed, a sperm donor, is the internet. And gaining information about sperm donation is no longer the only part of your insemination process that can be done over the internet; you now have the chance to find your sperm donor online.

First of all, it’s quite important to ascertain why you could be looking for a free sperm donor online, and how you should ensure that you are as well informed as is possible.

When you choose to find a sperm donor, you are choosing a man to donate his semen in order for you to fertilise an egg which will eventually become an embryo and then a baby. If you choose to use a known sperm donor or a co-parent, then the man will be somebody known to you, either a friend who is giving you a donation or somebody with whom you will share the rights and responsibilities of the child.

Anonymous sperm donor?

If you choose to use an anonymous sperm donor, then you are either in a relationship with somebody who is unable to fertilise an embryo with their own sperm, or you are choosing to raise your child alone. Once you have decided to use an anonymous sperm donor then the best place to look for this donor will be online, and best of all this is where you should be able to find somebody to donate their sperm to you for free.

It is still possible to use a sperm bank in order to find a sperm donor, however this method can quickly break the bank and many women have turned to online websites such as for help in finding a free sperm donor. Our website is full of hundreds of men who are willing to do a good deed and donate free sperm to women just like you who are desperate to make their dream of becoming a mother come true.

Want to know about your sperm donor

Using the discussion board, or forum capacity of the website, many people are looking for how to find a free sperm donor online and prospective parents get in touch to discuss their requirements for their sperm donor and their ability to produce high quality sperm. The forum is your chance to find out as much as you want to know about your sperm donor, so it will be your choice whether you want to know detailed information about the donor’s personality, beliefs and values, whether you are only interesting in family medical history and the possibility of genetic diseases or difficulties, or whether you are basing your decision on height, weight and other physical aspects of your donor.

The discussion board is your safe space to advertise your requirements for your sperm donor, and it’s also your chance to read about some prospective sperm donors who have placed their advertisements on the forum. Placing an advertisement does not obligate you in any way to follow through with any of the responses, but it allows you to screen your potential donors from a safe distance.

Tactics for finding a sperm donor on the internet: to ensure that you get the responses that you are looking for, your advertisement should clearly state whether you are looking to get pregnant through artificial or natural insemination, as well as where you are located and how far you are willing to travel. If you want your donor to remain anonymous to you, then you will need to make this clear in your advertisement and set out how you plan to go about insemination, such as asking the donor to freeze his sperm or donate at a clinic where you plan to be inseminated.

If you are looking for certain physical requirements, these should be clearly set out, as well as your preference in terms of family history and other aspects of his character that you deem important. Perhaps most importantly, your advertisement should clear state whether or not you are willing for the sperm donor to be involved in the child’s life.


The forum process will help you to find a free sperm donor online, and once you have made contact with your prospective donor, it will be up to you to arrange the rest of the process. It is important that you know what the current laws are surrounding sperm donation in your country, for example it is illegal for a sperm donor to be paid in Canada, so make sure that your donor does not ask for financial compensation.

Most importantly, if you have any questions surrounding your search for a free sperm donor online, do not hesitate to ask questions on the forum, where other members will be more than happy to help you. Solve all of your sperm donation questions and problems all at once!

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      1. Hello, I’m looking for a white male, preferably blonde hair blue-eyed but brown hair and brown eye is ok also to donate to me and my wife. We will in the Eugene,OR area.

  1. Yes it was useful, and please I would like a sperm donor from a sport person ,hight from 6.4 health must be fit and i dont mind Black,White Arab or lLatino .all are welcom please help me .

  2. Hi my name is Edward I would love to donate some sperm with everyone in it free and pettigru counseling free to contact me

  3. Hi my partner and I are planning to have a child we are both females and we are looking for someone to donate sperm not to coparent but to be an anonymous sperm donor… someone who is healthy,any blood type, any colour is fine with us please help

  4. Hi all I’m a Lesbian married for two years three months,my wife and I need someone who’s wheeling to assist us with he’s sperm if possible,we need a child of our own.we adopted 2boys we more about kids please

  5. Hi. I’m looking for a sperm donor. I’ve always wanted a child of my own and my time is running out as I’m getting older. Can anyone help please and be my sperm donor. White Portuguese,Greek Italian,Lebanese, must be in good health please. Thank you hope to hear soon from a donor.

  6. Im looking for sn anonymous sperm donor to help me and my partner both females to have a child of are own, no coparenting

  7. Hey, I’m in search of a sperm donor. In Uganda, kampala. Caucasian and dont mind natural way. Blood test is a must.


  8. 21/F/Oregon, Portland area
    Looking for a sperm donor, I am wanting a baby of my own. How would someone successfully send their sperm to me?

  9. Hi I’m 22 years old I have a girlfriend and we are ready to have a child soon we’re looking for a sperm donor if possible

  10. Hi I’m 22 really wanna have my own kid trying to find a way to conceive without finding a relationship fb is britneyhuston01

  11. Hi, im looking for a sperm donor im married with my wife of 5 years & we are ready to start our family, we would like for the sperm donor not to be coparent but to just give us the sperm. We are located in darwin city.

  12. Looking for sperm Donors me husband been trying for about 4year went ivf place but just getting the run arounds

  13. I am a single mother I have 4 beautiful girls but I just wanted to know if I can have a sperm donor please I wanted a baby boy for a long time now it be so grateful to be a mummy a again and some one please get back to me I will over to have twins boys please get back to me asp my name is Connie

  14. Hi my name is charmaine I’m
    Looking for donor in Australia Morwell Victoria I’m mother to four children but me and my partner been thinking about having a baby but he can’t have children because he been Sniped I’m looking for someone that doesn’t wanna co parent thanks

  15. Safe human sperm donor needed just south west of the northern roadside ribbon.prefferalbly clean,credit as well.white structure with red trim around windows.

  16. Please I am looking for a free sperm donor I promise I will not ask for any help co- parenting for and 33 and I lost my younger daughter at 8 1/2 months to SIDS and I’ve been hurting and trying to just try and try until God blesses me I never thought it would come to this but I was just sitting here and I have heard some positive things and success with this please contact me as soon as possible if you couple please give me my little rainbow baby ?? God bless stay safe ??? oh btw I am mixed with black,and Indian but all of my children are black, and Caucasian but color doesn’t matter at all to me just a happy healthy little ?? baby I’m in MD, my daughters death anniversary is 2days after Christmas ???? I really want to get started ASAP thank you all

  17. Looking for a sperm donor, prefer, green/blue eyes don’t matter the ethnicity. Some one that’s fit as well.

    Newzealand based.

  18. My wife and I are looking for an anonymous donor with blonde hair and blue eyes, so our son can have a sibling and not grow up alone.

  19. Looking for a donor who lives in south auckland or close by.. im in a relationship with my beautiful partner an we would love to start a family of our own any help would be amazing

  20. My wife and I are looking for a donor, we want to do the at home treatment (ici) looking for caucasian, ( possibly Italian? Lol), tall male.

  21. I am only looking for a donor for now I’m running out of time as I’m 36 and I have one daughter she’s 18 and I love her with all my heart who will be in college at montevallo in the fall and I’m not done yet, I want a baby for me to give all my love to again!

  22. Looking for light skinned African American doner for my girlfriend and I. We have a beautiful daughter and ready to expand our family. Good health history and STD free is a must!

  23. I’m looking for a sperm donor someone who looks similar to me for me and my partner to have a baby together

  24. Hello, me and my partner are looking for a free sperm donation. We are an LGBTQ couple. We want someone who is free of addiction and severe mental illness. Please reach out if you are interested in helping bless our lives. We are open to sending pictures and once the child is old enough to understand, having them meet the donor in person. We are not looking to co-parent.

    Thank you.

  25. Looking for a sperm donor, preferably someone with colored eyes, I’m literally the only female in my family with Brown eyes! My partner unfortunately can’t make kids an he had hazel green eyes.

  26. My wife & i just got married. we are looking to start a family but don’t want to go through expensive trails..she’s 5’2” beautiful latina. Im 5’5” & a chef. located in so cal.

  27. Hi, I live in the United States and will be glad if someone contact me about a free Sperm donor. It’s ok if they want to get paid in the United States (Missouri). I will leave my email for the great person who will be willing and interested in donating or helping me out with all the information I need to get this done. Thanks.

  28. Hi everyone we are looking for a sperm donor for myself and partner if there is anyone out there that could help us out please

  29. Hi, I’m looking for a sleek donor coming next year for April. Preferably about 5’8 with blue or green eyes Latino.

  30. I am looking for a sperm donor. My fiance is fixed and we can’t get pregnant. And we would like to have a child to call ours.

  31. Looking for an Anonymous sperm donor But with like a little information in case I’m lucky enough to have a child I want a name if they ask but besides that I am pretty open I am 35. I would love to have a wonderful family of my own. In canada

  32. Hey my name is amy I am 25 looking for a sperm donor I have a Beautiful 3 year old and would love to give her a baby sibling and have always wanted two kids

  33. I’m looking for someone who can help me fall pregnant. I’m married to my partner Nicole. We always want a family of our own. We are an lesbian couple.

  34. Hi, my partner and I are looking for a sperm donor. We are looking for a Caucasian donor or multi ethnic with blue eyes. Anyone who would be willing to donate thank you in advance. Please comment with how i can contact you if you feel that you might be the right fit.
    One other point. I have tested to be CMV- tmso the donor also needs to be CMV- this can be tested with a simple blood test.

  35. Looking for a sperm donor nothing physical just a sample in a cup My wife and I have been looking for year now we’re hoping this will help.

  36. I’m looking for a free sperm donor that’s willing to give me it out of courtesy from their heart for free, at home insemination is what I’m looking for

  37. I just want a sperm donor. Me and my boyfriend want to have kids but he can’t. Can someone please help us. No co- parenting just a sperm donor.

  38. Hi me and my fiance are looking for a sperm donor. Preferably with green or blue eyes. We are trying to find someone that has similar features not me since my fiance will be carrying.thank you❤️

  39. Hi I’m looking for a sperm donor who is blonde or light brown hair, Caucasian height anywhere from 5’7-6’2. Blue or green eyes I live in Wisconsin and would like to have this as anonymous as possible. My husband has very low sperm count and just trying to make our dreams come true. With someone who looks somewhat like him.

  40. Hey my partner and I are looking for a sperm donor in located in Auckland New Zealand. And yes we are in the lgbtq community and we’re both females.
    Thank you.

  41. I’m looking for someone to help me and my girlfriend have a. Baby it would really mean a lot

  42. Hello. I’m looking for a sperm donor. White male. Over 6’ tall. Brown or blonde hair. Eye color doesn’t matter.

  43. Hi I’m looking for a sperm donor
    White male, colored eyes, brown hair,
    I’m in New Orleans
    And I always wanted a baby so contact me from

  44. I’m looking to find free sperm donor so me and my girlfriend can have a baby in kingsland ga I’m 30 mins away from Jacksonville Florida

  45. Hello y’all. I’m looking for a free sperm donor in Virginia preferably near the Richmond area etc. i would like to keep this as anonymous as possible please & thank you. I’m a single mom & want to add to my family. My kiddo is 11 now & ask me constantly(has for several years now) for a baby brother or sister lol. So I think it’s time for me to bring another precious baby into this world, it’ll be good for the both of us.& my internal clock is running out of time to make a baby as well. Plus I really really want another baby to give more of my love to. I’m finally working a good steady job where I no longer have to work myself into the ground working two jobs & missing all my kiddos stuff or not being able to do sports etc because moms always working. That’s not the case no more & it’s now time to make our family bigger. We’re settling into our newly built house & it’s time to have a newly made family member to add to everything. I’m going to do it at home myself so I would need the sperm sent frozen I assume. I’m looking for African American ethnicity donor, caramel or darker skin complexion. Eye color brown or light brown eyes, preferably light brown eyes. Height isn’t a big issue but would prefer nobody shorter than 5”7-5”8. Weight& health is something important to me with my donor. Must be healthier than most individuals or very active, works out or things of that nature. Personally don’t care about what the donor’s personality is like. That doesn’t matter to me with a donor. Now I must have photos of donors sent to me so that I can see whom would be the babies donor. Again need to keep it as anonymous as possible &after donation once pregnancy is complete I would no longer need contact with them as well. I do not wish to co-parent at all. I don’t do it now with my current child’s father I wish to keep it like that with my next child. Thank you & god bless anyone who decides to help me grow my family bigger

  46. Looking for a sperm donor, I had a husband who chose not to have children after marriage , so I had to leave

    1. I’m about to be 30 sept 6 & I have 3 kids I didn’t push out myself , I want to have my own baby now it’s time n I’m so excited !!!!!’n

    2. Would be happy to donate my sperm free to you don’t want to be involved with the child l live in southern Kansas

  47. I want to experience childbirth and the bond between a mother and her children and my partner and i really want a baby so if anyone can donate us sone free Spern tbatvwoukd be super awesome

  48. Please need a sperm donors, my husband and me have been trying for years with no luck, and I am perfect to have a child but he is not, need someone close to my area I live in which is southern Ohio, need a white male with brown eyes

  49. My partner and I want to share the experience. Unfortunately my partner has lost 3 children in the past 8 years . We want to have another opportunity to raise a child with all the love in the world.

  50. Il be a donor I have good sperm
    After all nobody wants me and I wanna make at least 1 baby in this life time 346-337-1882 text me happy too work this out lol

  51. hey guys im currently looking for a sperm donater for my partner and i we are trying to have a kid together but cant