Steps To Take When Looking for A Female Egg Donor

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Whilst only a small percentage of babies are born through surrogacy and egg donation each year, these approaches make a colossal difference to many people’s worlds and work to complete them with unconditional love.

Picking your egg donor is one of the most crucial decisions of your life when you are undergoing treatment with donor eggs. Your fertility clinic will undoubtedly have connections with various egg donation agencies – and it’s worth noting that some will be more appealing to you than others. So, what steps do you take when looking for a female egg donor? Scan the criteria below to help you make your choice.

Health history

Health is a huge priority when thinking about choosing an egg donor. You’ll want your donor to have an immaculate genetic health report and health history. Once you’ve chosen your donor, she’ll see a geneticist, and a genetic family history report will be provided regarding any family health problems she may have.

Once this step has been cleared, the donor will do a blood test to discover if she is carrying any genetic mutations. Indeed, just because you are a genetic carrier doesn’t mean you will develop the disease. Once you also get tested, you’ll have more of an idea about where you stand. Many donors will have already completed this process, so you could potentially obtain the information upfront. Despite this, if you choose a first-time donor, she will be required to take the steps above.

If your donor is a genetic carrier of anything you are the carrier of, you might want to seek out another donor. You could move forwards with the donor if your carrier diseases don’t match. The donor can then go on with her evaluation with your fertility practitioner to make sure that there will be a substantial number of healthy eggs for retrieval and to check her follicles.

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What do you want your unborn child to look like? Physical characteristics are frequently one of the first considerations people think about in this situation. Many people try to discover an egg donor who they look like physically, with similar hair colour, eye colour, and height. Ethnicity is also considered; luckily, there are usually a variety of ethnicities available at different agencies. After all, if you want your child to look like you, you should certainly choose a donor who resembles you.


Think about personalities and what traits appeal to you. Do you want your donor’s outlook to align with yours? Character is often more critical than physical appearance, particularly when you begin to dig deeper into donor profiles and learn more about the women behind these profiles. While you already know that egg donors are caring and generous women who want to give something to your family, there may be other traits that you wish your donor to have too. Ensure you check out donor bios and find out as much as you can about her lifestyle!

Common interests

Putting appearances and personalities aside, many individuals like to share interests and hobbies with their donor to help them search for and discover an adequate connection with a donor.


Thinking about the test scores of your donor is also very typical. Intelligence is essential to some people; luckily, many bright women are willing to be egg donors, often those with degrees. If this factor is particularly critical to you, pick an egg donor who boasts high levels of education. When mixing your genes with your donor, you have the potential to create a very academic child! And don’t forget – make sure you find out precisely what you want to know about your egg donor.

How to learn more

It’s natural to be incredibly curious about your egg donor – after all, this woman will be passing on her genes to your child. It might be worth learning more about your donor via video. Not all agencies will be able to offer videos for you. In this case, personally ask your donor for a quick video. Even with a small snippet, you’ll be able to gain more of an idea about what the woman is like, giving you a better idea of if you want to proceed further with her. By doing this, you’ll be reassured that you’ve chosen the perfect donor for you: someone who is attractive as they appear to be in photographs, speaks nicely, and has an appealing personality. Thus, it never hurts to request a video when it comes to a massive decision like this.

The most critical advice we can provide anyone going through this process is not to rush! Take your time and read through the profiles you are given by your agency thoroughly. Remember to talk to those closest to you, including your partner, relatives, and even friends. Reach out to your agency if you want further advice – remember, they are there to find you suitable matches who will work for you and always have your best interests at heart.

Deciding on an egg donor is your personal choice. Just make sure that you have all the knowledge you need to take the proper steps and make the right selection!

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