Why Do People Want to Have Children?

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‘Why do people have kids?’ is a commonly asked question. Of course, you could always argue that the need to procreate and perpetuate the human species is simply instinctive. You could also say that we reproduce because this is just what people have done since the beginning of time.

However, it’s actually a bit more complex than that. We don’t make kids simply because our parents and grandparents did so, or because we are in a relationship and this is just what couples do. In fact, today, more and more people are making the decision to be childless, whether it’s because they prefer to remain independent, because raising a child is too expensive and involves taking on too much responsibility or because they think that there are already too many people in the world.

For those who do want to start their family though, what is it that makes them want to have kids? What motivates them to take such an important decision? Read on to find out 10 common reasons for people to have children.

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To render life happier and more beautiful

Whether they dream of a house full of children or just want the one child, people choose to have kids because they want to create a family that’s filled with love and joy. Cuddling, seeing your little one growing up happy and healthy, smiling at you, laughing, playing and giving affection makes your life happier every day.

To transmit values and carry on the family line

Having kids is also a way to transmit important values, as well as family history and experience. Becoming a mother or a father is also a chance to carry on the family name, whether you have a child on your own or with your partner.

To make the world a better place

Many people who read or watch the news feel that the world is violent and scary. Although some people decide to remain childless for this reason, others wish to make the world a better place by raising kind and respectful children with values they hold dear. In this sense, kids represent hope for the future, a new generation that cares deeply about others and their environment.

To give life meaning

Your life changes completely when you have kids. These changes don’t only concern your daily routine though. It’s also about the way you perceive the world. Now that you’re a parent, you have the most important reason to wake up, go to work and stay healthy every single day. Children give sense to life and make it (even more) worth living.

To give love and be loved

When parents are asked why they decided to have kids, many of them say it’s because they wanted to give their love and affection to a child. In return, the little one they raise will love them more than anything else in the world. A truly wonderful equation.

To build something amazing with their significant other

Creating a family with the person you love the most in the world is a powerful, instinctive desire. Your children are the result of the love you feel for each other, whether you conceive naturally or via a fertility treatment. Your child is a mini version of your partner and yourself.

Some will perhaps say that they decided to have a baby in order to make their partner happy, which, in the end, filled them with joy too. Others choose to build a family to reinforce the bonds of their relationship and to feel closer to their significant other.

To feel complete

Some women and men feel complete when they become a father or mother. They have become more mature by taking care of another person who needs them for absolutely everything. They now have new responsibilities. They are in charge of a little being that they are intensely proud of. It’s not just about themselves anymore. They have taken the place of their own mom and dad – they are the parents now.

To fix the mistakes of our parents

Sometimes, having a child comes from the will to do better than our parents, or to give to our children something that we couldn’t have ourselves. Those who were raised by neglectful parents, or those who didn’t have a mother or a father, may wish in some way to “repair” their wounds, by bringing a new life into the world. People may want to create a family so that their kids can have or accomplish the things that they couldn’t during their own childhood.

To live a new and challenging experience

Deciding to bring a new life into this world can be a terrifying (but exciting!) experience. The decision to become a parent can be motivated by the desire to try something different and to bring a new dimension to your life. Parents-to-be may want to challenge themselves and perhaps discover new parts of their personality that they did not know existed. Having children brings you to a whole new level that has the potential to change almost everything.

To relive your childhood

We can all get nostalgic from time to time. If you had a wonderful childhood, it’s only normal to want to relive these enchanted moments. When you’re a mom or a dad, it can be such a pleasure to watch your little ones play and to play along with them. You can see the world through their innocent eyes. On top of that, they are fun and make you laugh all the time. Becoming a parent gives you the opportunity to get in touch with your inner child all over again!

And you, what are your reasons for having a child?

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  1. I would love to have a baby but have no one to have one with I don’t like any of the local guys where I live because I think they r immature.I’m only 22 but would like to find someone to have a baby with. Can someone give me advice please?

  2. My wife wants to be inseminated with some black sperm. Donors needed. We will need multiple donations to make sure this works.

  3. Is there any hope for a woman of starting a family at 51 years. How do I began to find an interested father?

  4. I am a 51 year old female, educated, honest and respectful. I thought the information was pertinent, I wanted to start a family over 10 years ago. I got married, the marriage didn’t last and now it’s been many years of separation. Perhaps, a mature, responsible man who is also interested in starting a family can share insights and more.

  5. Hi
    I am interested in getting quotes on what it would cost for a sperm donor so I can get pregnant I would love to have another baby

  6. My name is Dorthea and I am a mother of a 31 year old and I lost a child. I am now with a significant other who does not have any children and he is a wonderful man looking to become a father of an angel.
    Unfortunately, I am not able to conceive any more children of my own. We both will coparent with somebody who is willing to participate with us, and helping him to conceive a child.

  7. This is for parents that are no longer with one another and co-parenting a 2year old, what is the appropriate amount of time that the parent who does not live with the child should have with regards to face timing and having weekends without the mother who lives with the child feeling like the father is being intrusive in her life wanting contact with the child and wanting to know where the child is, please can someone offer me some light in this as I have never co parented before.

  8. I know I would be a great mother, and something is telling me I should, although parenting with a partner other than a platonic partner does not and or is not what the universe is offering me and I have no want to be in a relationship.
    I would like to explore co parenting, and maybe this is possibly a way for me to be a mom .
    I know I would be a great mom, I would need a great co parent to ensure that bringing a bean into this world, will be safe, secure, happy and loved.
    Can anyone contact me and help explain how this works and if anyone in my situation could help.

  9. Hey my and my wife and trying to have a baby our live child we need a donor to complete our beautiful process please get back to us

  10. My wife & I are looking for sperm donor to complete our family we would like a Native American donor or Mexican American donor as we both are Native American and we are both educated and hard working.

  11. I would like to try being a co parent I believe this would be a good arrangement and I am willing to work with a lady for this goal of raising a child with them

  12. My wife and I are looking for a sperm donor to complete our family. We are professional education people who’s biggest dream is to have children of our own. We would prefer a Filipino donor considering my wife is Filipino and African American, and I am full African American.

  13. I’m a doctor but would love having a kid. Unfortunately, gay. I’m very down to Earth and understanding. Hopeful that something comes along.

  14. I’m currently in searching a female that is interesting in having children and 4 years old at a point in my life where I’m ready for that now to find some more and do it

  15. My mom falls in the over protective stereotype,she controls us a lot.But my question is over protective parenting good for teenagers who always seek independeMy mom falls in the over protective stereotype,she controls us a lot.But my question is over protective parenting good for teenagers who always seek independence?

  16. If the surrogate has their own health insurance, can they uses that for medical expenses for Dr. Appointments and Hospital delivery cost?

  17. Id like to donate sperm, help couple health nut, want kids as long I can say hi to baby every so often ty I’d be your man

  18. I am a single father who is rasing his daughter on his own, I would love to add a child to my daughter’s life,
    I am open to Co- parenting, or helping a female get pregnant right away, I am 21 years old, I have a full time job, I have a healthy environment, no criminal history if you’d like more info reach out

  19. I have health problem so I can’t have a baby on my own but I would love to have a baby but I’m not rich so how can I go about a surrogate mother

  20. I have always wanted to become a mother and I really hope I can figure out how to get a home insemination but I don’t know how or what the cost is.

  21. If you are struggling to conceive and are worried that you or your partner may be suffering from Oligoteratozoospermia, then your first step should be to speak to your doctor or a local fertility clinic. Each case of Oligoteratozoospermia is different and detailed investigations can help to determine if the condition is impacting your fertility and what the best treatment options are for your specific circumstances. Remember, you are not alone, with thousands of couples facing and overcoming this condition every year. Being armed with expert knowledge and advice is the best way to improve your fertility and take a step closer to achieving the family you are dreaming of.

  22. I’m looking to have a baby right away with someone so I can have the perfect little child. If possible if not then I would love to carry a child for someone in need. I’m 5’7, blue eyes, natural brown her right now it’s blonde,160 pounds kinda thick, I’m white,and I’m 19 years old.

  23. I have helped to raise 3 kids .2 boys and 1 girl. I have to admit that my little girl was a bit challenging. But she’s a daddy’s little girl. My sons on the other hand were quite different. They were my lil men.My boys .The whole lot of them were all ways competing for my attention. When my daughter was born she was colicky and so I would come home to my wife pulling out her hair! So I would put on heavy metal music and with my daughter in my arms I’d dance her to sleep in minutes. My wife would be frustrated because she had been trying all day without any luck. Boy do I miss those little things!!! Or after story time was wrestling time with the boys and dog. Do I wish I could do all over again.

  24. I’m a single guy looking to help someone with having a baby.
    I’m an athletic and very hot looking white guy. And I have a really big Dick. I

  25. NI is a much less expensive way but you HAVE to get to know your donor first. That is a must. And you both have to understand that while you two basically are having consensual sex, that this is only a method to get the recipient pregnant and once that has been achieved, that’s it. No contact beyond that and certainly no relationship afterwards unless that’s something you two can agree on. But usually not.

  26. Please I have being married close to 3 years n no child.
    I was diagnosed of oligoteratozoospermia about a year ago
    My wife also has irregular mensural cycles n suffering from dysmenorrhea
    I did sperm C/S n there were infection, the doctor kept on me on drugs
    I also some times feel like I have done pain in one of my testacle
    Please how can you assist me

  27. Hey I’m 23 years old I wanna have another with someone who will be a father I’m ready for a baby please

  28. A birth certificate is the most crucial document if you are a US citizen. If you don’t have one, you need to get it as soon as possible. And thanks for sharing the amazing post!

  29. im 38 looking to help someone .just get in touch ill anwser anything you need to no .would like children and hope i can make someone happy.

  30. I’m all for it.

    The best way to do this is for you to bare your beautifully feminine feet and allow me to admire them as I make my donation.

    I have never donated and I had no idea that coparenting even existed until last week.

    I want to do this.

    Asian feminine feet are among the most beautiful in the world because they are small. Trust me, you will have your seeds very quickly by allowing me to please see the soles of your bare feet.

    Thank you.

    Jim Rousch

  31. I know some single moms, some are a friend and some family. I even know some teen single moms as they are my niece’s friends. The one question I always hear is about the father of the child. “Will they let him see the kid?”, “How will they explain that their father left them?” And I always hear answers like, “I will let him meet the child but the thing between us will remain civil.”, “I still don’t know what to tell my kid.”, “I’m scared when that day comes.”, or even “No, I won’t let him see the kid.” The second thing I notice about them is how they get tired. Of course, it isn’t easy. But there are some times where they get really irritated about how the kid is so noisy, how messy are the kids with their toys, or even how naughty the kid is. As a mother myself, I tell them (teen moms) stuff about child-rearing and how it can get worse and how to cope up with them.

  32. Hi there I’m looking for a lovely caring preferably blocks hair or had blond hair as a child daddy donor! We already have a beautiful family consisting of a stunning, smart professional dancer 10 year old daughter and a very sporty 12 year old son! Our kids are very spoilt and deeply loved but are also taught respect, for each other and other s first! We always wanted 3 kids but we have been trying for 5 years with zero luck! I can not go through IVF as I’m terribly sensitive to hormones and I just could not stick with it! I just need a kinda hearted nice looking man to help donate a gift of life thanks you

  33. Thank you for creating this! It was very helpful in my research. Can’t wait to see lists like this expand and include even more diverse identities!!

  34. Hi my name is Tiffany Breaux I’m 23 years old I’m married to my wonderful wife who is 32 years old. We are searching for a sperm donor who won’t cost us and arms and a leg and we plan to inseminate in the privacy of our home.

  35. I really want to have a mixed-race child,I have the ability to raise our children with you.I’m ready. Will you come?I will wait for you in Hong Kong, do you know? Remember to contact me.

  36. Hello!
    I am single mother of two from mongolia. plan to move to the states.
    somehow, it would not be easy to find legal right to bring my daughter to the states and copareting.
    Therefore i am looking a couple in a such case to co parent my daughter.
    Please feel free if you are interested.

  37. Thank you so much!


    Share with men and women whom you love!

    It takes a village, people, and one at s time!

    Peace !


  38. Would like to come parent with some who is willing to create some beautiful with me I’m 29 and going through a ruff patch try to find some on to have a baby with. God willing

  39. Sensible article. It is good that I have this all right. 5 children (15 years, 3 years, 3 years, 1 year and 1 year old) from 4 women despite any negative emotions. Which I do not have, by the way!) Write me who are interested!

  40. I am 42 and single I would like a baby with a normal guy who would support me and be there for the pregnancy and us

  41. I just discover that my husband has low sperma count , I am hoping I can help boost his sperm again

  42. I would be extremely honored if we could meet… I live in North Carolina and am willing to travel for the right email me

  43. I’m looking for someone that wants to co parent, I want kids but don’t want a romantic relationship please email me if interested ***@gmail.com

  44. I feel so prilvagled and over joy to hold and spent so much quality time holding a young Baby in my arms. or seat on my lap. I certainly have no issues with Baby changing. Washing and caring for this little tiny Baby. I have always wanted a Child on my own. To always do my upmost best for this Young Baby. If I am successful. I have not issues regarding any maters relating to having this possibilities of creating a precious,., and so much wanted always and very much loved and well cared for and supported in any practical finical always I can. I will always do my very best and remain loyal both to you and Hope If successful this rare wonderful opportunity happens would be so amazing for myself. I have a Nephew. is aged eight of age. We are very close to each other. When he was born in this World and before began born. I enjoyed the excitement of purchasing Baby things. For Mathew to use and enjoy. I offered to pay a little cot of him to sleep. When sleeping in his parents bedroom. There is noting more valuable and so beautiful as having our own Child. I love be around young Children and Baby. Walking them in the fresh air in the pram.

  45. I am wanting to find a Women you feels pasionet and the same as me wanted to create a Human life. I really do adoor Children and having the azaming chance of finding someone. Who would Kindly consider my request hopes. I certainly have not sexual and have no Infection diseases .and v am a very genuine .person.

  46. I am very interested to find someone to have the possibilities’ of becoming a sperm doner with some kindless willing Women. To have this magnificent opportunity and wonderful experience. I am happy to donor using my sperm to use. For both of us to become successful. In achieving this pieces human life. Created and we always be so much loved and wanted. I will do any thing for this Baby!
    I am not in anyway gay. I have penfriend who I write to recently around all different country’s always receiving new letters from Women only. I am very honest and very good looking. I am a Virgin. I can relate and feel lots more comfortable company of Females.

    I hope someone will receive and take time to read my own written messages today.

    My Very best wishes


    I look forward to receiving a reply

  47. Hello my name is keith i would love to be a sperm donor and am very open to contact with the people wanting a child or not.I want to know in my heart i have made a child to bring into this world .if you know of someone i would be thankful for any help i can get to be part of this being done properly and safley. I am a fitness trainer and have no children ,nor would i be able to find someone on my own that doesnt want a romantic relationship. Iwould love to share the joy of having a child if you know how i can help be part of that please email me and we can talk further . Hoping for the best Regards Keith

  48. I feel like the statistic that fatherless children are more likely to have trouble is quite absurd. I know plenty of people that come from two parent homes whose lives are quite chaotic. My children will more than likely grow up without a father and will probably end up fine.

  49. Are there any methods that are roughly 90-98% effective of allowing people to have the gender that they want? I would like 3 (maybe 4) sons.

  50. Personally for me it would all come down to the donor and if they would want to be a part of their child’s life.


  52. I didn’t know that a doula was different from a midwife. A doula is more of a coach that helps you with all aspects of your pregnancy and delivery. In the future when I am starting a family I will choose a doula because that sounds more comforting and personal than going to a medical doctor.

  53. I really want to have a child. But I can’t. Being a single gay man. Can anyone help me and my dream on being a dad?

  54. I completely agree with all your above points. My daughter wasn’t able to conceive at a time, so she took help of a good doctor which really helped her out and she is blessed with a baby girl now. The statistics for success rates of IVF are really increasing rapidly. It also depends on the type of the clinic and doctor you are consulting. Really a good share!

  55. Hi,

    My name is Stephanie, I am a casting producer for WyldSide Media, and I am reaching out because we are currently working on a show about independent, single women that want a baby.

    If you are interested, know of anyone that would be or just want more details please feel free to contact me by sending an email to casting@wyldsidemedia.com

    Thank you,
    Stephanie Alger
    Casting Producer | New Media

  56. I’m a straight female who really want to have a baby, I am willing and hoping to co-parent with any man that love baby and willing to there at all time

  57. How can you define yourself as a father to my SON? Really, you have nothing to do with your first son born to you…that GOD BLESS YOU WITH. Im blessed everyday and every moment of his presences. I have never kept my son from you or even been on any bs with u since my son been born. My son is the best thing in life that happen to me and for you not to acknowledged him is a crying shame..smh. You are a piece of shit to me in my eyes..STRAIGHT UP… A MAN..no that will never be your title. I have never bad mouth u to my son in all these years even though your presences was absent. My son will be 15 years old FIFTEEN on August 1st and you have not even been there for him as he has grown up and mature to the person he is today..it’s sad, smh. All I can say is, really how do you define yourself as a father? You seat and think about that…not to say you might haven’t. All I’m going say is, you just had another child and just make sure you keep your bond with your child for life. The bond you have with my son is non-existent. My son has you in his phone as “Larry”..smh. I have been through alot with my son due to your absent..but one thing for sure, I will always be there for him to the day I take my last breath. I wish I can say the same for you. Define the meaning of a Father and that might gave you a reason why I even messenger in the first place. I hope to GOD HE HAVE MERCY ON YOUR SOUL. Just had to get that off my chest. His good, loved and very much taking care of to the FULLEST..but I will always hurt for my son…especially around FATHER’S DAY..SMDH

  58. im a gay male who loves kids but never been with a women and don’t think I physically could but would love to be a parent if there are any women who would love to have me as there childs dad then feel free to email or call me and we can talk more thanks

  59. This isn’t three parents, it’s two parents and an organelle donor. Organelles are the tiny structures inside cells which are analogous to the organs inside your body. It’s as if someone donated this child a heart.

    People blew up about the prospect of mitochondria donation BECAUSE it’s billed as the child having two mothers and that’s ridiculous. The mother still provides the child’s first cell and the child is still her offspring.

  60. I didn’t realize that a doula stays in the room with a patient through the entire childbirth process. I feel like this would be helpful for someone like my sister-in-law. She’s pregnant, but her husband has to travel frequently and I’d be worried she might not have someone with her when she gives birth. Maybe hiring a doula would be a good idea for her.

  61. Hi my name is Jennifer my wife name is cindy we been together11yrs and im cuban American and she is Puerto Rican American we are looking for a Hispanic donor with light eyes perferly either cuban or Puerto Rican like us

  62. Yes I agree. It takes a tremendous amount of courage to raise a baby alone. I have seen so many single moms doing this and I have such a great respect for them.

  63. I think partnering with your sperm donor or co-parent is ideal. I am actually interested in using the co-parent relationship interest and getting to know each other phase as an opportunity to explore the opportunity for a romantic relationship. It is my thought that if we are already on the same page for the end game, then perhaps a mutual interest such as a child can spark other potential interests that would create an ideal supportive and loving home for the child.

  64. I think there is nothing wrong with the idea. In a way it could be ideal. Of course it cannot always work as the two may make a good genetic match as it were but not one on other levels. But the, in life there are those who meet each other the ‘normal way’ and it all goes dreadfully wrong years later. There are many tales in history when the unexpected has blossomed into something wonderful. If the feelings arise between the two, then I say, go for it.