Becoming a Parent Thanks to Sperm Donors

Sperm banks are currently experiencing a shortage in donors on a global scale (in particular in European countries). However, finding a free sperm donor in the US is relatively easy. The US is actually seeing an increase in sperm donors of late and being able to find a free sperm donor online through is a smooth, straightforward and simple process. works kind of like a dating site, except that instead of looking for a date, you are looking for an online sperm donor! Using our comprehensive database of thousands of members, you are able to search for a free sperm donor who meets your criteria. This differs to most American sperm banks, where donors usually receive a payment in exchange for their donation.

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Our thousands of donors come from all over the world, including the US and Australia, meaning you can always find free sperm donors located near to where you live. Once you’ve found someone that interests you (for instance, because their “about me” section caught your attention), simply contact them online. In your message, introduce yourself and explain to your potential donors what you’re looking for. Ask them any relevant questions that help you to ascertain whether they are potentially a good match for you. You have the impression that you have been looking for ages? Don’t worry, gains many new members every day and our sperm donor database is growing fast. Therefore, if the right match for you is not there yet, chances are they will be soon.

We know that having and raising a child alone can be quite daunting. That’s why it’s best that you play devil’s advocate beforehand. Ask yourself the right questions: Who would care for your child if you were sick? Would you be able to provide for your child if you lost your job? If the child were to be born with any difficulties, or encounter them later on, would you be able to cope alone with this? If you are a single person looking to have a child via an anonymous sperm donor, remember that raising a child on your own requires some in-depth thought, as this is a lifelong commitment.

For people wanting donors who will co-parent the child, you need to ensure that you will be compatible with this person. Chances are that you will be pretty close for the next couple of decades at least and so, if you don’t get along or have strong opposing views on important subjects, this could be very difficult. It’s important to discuss certain issues right from the beginning, preferably before conception, such as how much the donor will be involved in the child’s life, how much financial support will be provided or how much support you would receive if you or your child were having problems (medical or not).

The Getting Pregnant Stage:

Basically, you have two options, artificial insemination (IUI) or natural conception. Both have advantages and disadvantages, with the artificial insemination being less awkward and easier to conduct but also it can be expensive and the price goes up with the success rate; for example, for a 75% chance of success you could be looking at tens of thousands of pounds. If you are in a relationship, the thought of your partner actually having sexual interaction with another could be extremely uncomfortable for you, but it could be the easiest way and much less draining on your finances. Natural conception’s success rate is about 15-20% per month, even if both of you are fertile and healthy. Chances of success may depend on your fertility, your ovulation and menstrual cycle.

How to become pregnant is a personal choice. A good way to help you make your decision is to have a look at our forums and testimonials.

Frequently asked questions about sperm donors

Where do I find a free sperm donor?

Finding a sperm donor is step one on your path to becoming pregnant and is definitely worth researching well before you make your choice. If you visit the forum you will have plenty of choice from our members offering up their services to help you get pregnant, this enables you to get to know the characteristics of your donor before deciding to choose them. This is by far the best way of finding a known sperm donor, and using our forum makes it so easy.

If I’m co-parenting do I need a sperm donor?

Basically, yes. However, bear in mind that although your co-parent can be your donor, your donor won’t necessarily be your co-parent. It depends on whether you are searching for a sperm donor or for a person who will share the responsibilities of parenting and raising your child with you. The forums at can help you decide what you are looking for, and also help you to find the right person for you.

What do I need to know from the free sperm donor?

It’s imperative that you get certain details from your sperm donor before you go ahead with insemination, and some details are more important than others. First of all, of course, you need to know what level of involvement your donor wishes to have with the child, and you should agree on this before you move any further forward. Do not agree to the donor being involved in the child’s life if you want to do this 100% by yourself, because you won’t be happy further down the route. You should also ask questions about the donor’s family history, including medical history and fertility if they know details of their fertility rates. The donor may have previously donated or had other children, in which case they should know how fertile they are. It is worth noting if they have had other children because your child will ultimately have unknown siblings that they may end up meet by chance sometime in the future.

How do I get pregnant using a sperm donor?

You can get pregnant via either artificial or natural insemination, and this depends entirely on your preferences. We recommend that you choose artificial insemination as this route provides greater protection against sexual transmitted infections. Natural insemination will give the donor automatic parental rights to the child.

How do I know if the donor is fertile?

If the donor has not previously had other children then you could suggest that they undertake a male sperm test to ensure that they have an adequate sperm count.

What are the legal requirements for having a child via sperm donation?

You will need to get a written legal donor or co-parenting agreement in place before you even organize the insemination process. This agreement should set out all of the aspects of how much or how little the donor will be involved in the child’s life after insemination.

Whose name will be on the birth certificate?

Your name will automatically be on the birth certificate, but you should only put your donor’s name on there if you and he both want him to have involvement with the child. If you decide to co-parent with your donor, they should be on the birth certificate and that will effectively mean that they are the child’s legal father.

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