How to Find a Co-parent Match Online?

By Last Updated: 03/20/2023

You’ve decided that you want to co-parent, but how do you go about finding the right person with which to bear a child? Many people want to find someone to co-parent with but wonder what traits truly matter to them. It may not be as difficult or as stressful as finding your life partner, but your co-parent will be in your life forever, no matter what, so choosing your parenting partner is a very important choice to make. Whether you’re single and looking for a platonic relationship to raise a child in, a same-sex couple searching for a co-parent to help you to start a family, or even a heterosexual couple who isn’t even to conceive themselves for one reason or another, finding your co-parent match is best done online.

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A traditional family is no longer the only type of family that makes sense, and to be able to bring children into the world and support them completely in a nurturing environment is now what most people really want. Choosing your co-parent with family values, education and other principles in mind will help you to create a healthy relationship based on your ambitions for your child, rather than traditional marital beliefs, can help you to provide an environment in which your child will thrive.

Share responsibilities

Co-parenting involves two (or more) committed parents who raise a child with complimenting views of child rearing, who have agreed to emotionally and financially support the child. Both parents are involved in the child’s life, perhaps equally, or perhaps at a percentage that is agreed before the birth, and both parents commit to agreeing on responsibilities and major decisions surrounding that child’s life.

So how do you find this person with whom you will share so much? Many people are looking for how to find a co-parent match online, and it isn’t as hard as you might think. The first tip that we can give you is to explore our discussion board or forum, get used to the way that it works and if you’re not sure, then ask a question. Other members of the forum will be more than happy to help you get started in your search and they may even support you in your quest.

The first stop on your quest to achieve your dream of having a baby should be the forum, and that’s where you can post an advertisement asking for a co-parent to volunteer themselves to your cause, as well as search through other advertisements of prospective co-parents who are looking for their parenting partner. Whether you are looking for a mother or a father, the forum will open your eyes to the sheer volume of prospective co-parents who could all be your ticket to parenthood.

Find information

Finding a co-parent match online shouldn’t be so hard, top tips for finding your ideal co-parent match:If you are going to post your own advertisement, then you need to ensure that you include all of the most necessary information that you want to know about your co-parent, and the same information about yourself. If you co-parents’ financial stability is important to you, it will most likely be important to them and so this information should be included in your posting. You should set out your requirements for how you will share responsibility of the child, as well as your preferences for family health history, and your location and distance that you are willing to travel.

You will also need to set out how you want to go about conceiving the child, do you want to do natural or artificial insemination, and will you be willing to compromise on any of these aspects?

Posting your advertisement

Posting your advertisement isn’t the only step to finding a co-parent on, and your chances of finding your ideal parenting partner will be much higher if you create yourself a profile that does you justice. Here you are able to post a picture of yourself so that should your physical attributes be important to your co-parent, these can be seen easily. You will also then be able to see other prospective co-parents profiles to find those who could be a match and hopefully your future co-parent. If you are single, heterosexual, homosexual, in a same sex relationship or in a heterosexual this should be clearly set out in both your profile and your advertisement, so that your co-parent knows the facts of the situation.

Once you have screened your responses and found your perfect co-parent, allows you to discuss technicalities of the process safely and securely via the website before you move forward to begin making a baby. The website also offers advice and tips on how to move forward one you have found your co-parent match online, it is your safe space to finding and securing a co-parent, it really isn’t as hard as you might think.

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  1. Prity 12/30/2023 at - Reply

    I am a 32 years old female living in Canada, no children. Looking for co-parenting possibilities with sweet gentle gay couple.

    • Abdel 03/03/2024 at - Reply

      Hi Prity, I hope you’re doing great. I hope also you have found someone to start with this new journey, otherwise I would love to be the one, just that we are in different parts of the world.

  2. Anonymous 12/28/2023 at - Reply

    Swm, looking for a woman who will give me a child or create one and co parent with me, I’ve been looking for years with little finds, I really hope this site works so I can meet the rt person and create something amazing.

    • Sandra 02/17/2024 at - Reply

      Hi, please give me your email or way to contact.

  3. Marlon 09/05/2023 at - Reply

    I am genius level IQ looking for woman to have baby with.

  4. Gianni 09/04/2023 at - Reply

    I am a 45 year old multi-racial Hispanic male looking to co-parent. I am from the DMV area, Baltimore, MD. I am looking to live together and parent stemming from our connection. I am a warm, loving, and supportive. I am Buddhist and spiritual. I meditate often. I love children and hope to have a family one day. I love to walk, travel to water/theme parks—definitely where there’s swimming involved. I am a teacher. Leave a comment if interested.

  5. Kim 06/03/2023 at - Reply


    I am a 28 year old Hispanic female looking to co parent. I am from the east coast, but open to moving for the right connection. I am a warm, loving, supportive person who everyone comes to when they need someone to be there for them. Everyone has told me I’d be a great mom, and love to do things like arts & crafts, children party planning, and teaching. Leave a comment if interested.

    • Eric 08/18/2023 at - Reply

      Hello Kim, are you still interested in co parenting?

  6. David 04/18/2023 at - Reply

    im a 61 y/o man on disability i am financially secure i would love to meet a lady at least 35 to have one or more kids with i cannot raise the baby but could help the average death age in my family is 84 so i think i may have a few more years to help plus i have a home in alabama that is paid for that i would leave my child and a substantual savings account plus a half million in life insurance if this might interest you leave me a message

    • Anonymous 09/28/2023 at - Reply

      Hello, David, am also interested in co-parenting. just that our location is different. I don’t live in Alabama.

    • Eve 09/28/2023 at - Reply

      Hello David, I am interested in co-parenting, but our location is different.

  7. Lynn 02/27/2023 at - Reply

    I am 38 years young. I have a great career which I love. I always thought I would find a husband and have children, unfortunately that is not in the cards as of yet. I am native American and I live in Michigan. I am looking for a sperm donor or a co-parenting situation. I do have a boyfriend but he cant have any children. Please someone help me make my dream come true.

  8. Jessica 02/05/2023 at - Reply

    I’m 32 in Missouri. I’m not married and don’t think that’s a path I want to take for a while. I do not have an interest in birthing, but I am interested in coparenting with another woman, or a gay couple.

  9. Alexandra 02/03/2023 at - Reply

    I am a 35 year old woman. Never been married and no kids. I’ve always believed I would wait to have kids until after I found the right person and got married. I don’t think that is in the cards for me, but I’ve always known I’m meant to be mom. I’d like to find someone interested in co-parenting with me. I have a demanding job so I’d like someone willing to find a manageable arrangement for both of us.

    • Bret 05/31/2023 at - Reply

      Whare are you located?

  10. Nikki 02/02/2023 at - Reply

    Looking for a female to co parent with my husband I can’t have any more children and I would like for him to have kid of his own

  11. Raquel 01/28/2023 at - Reply

    40yr old teacher who loves being a mom, I already have one daughter. Would love one more baby ❤️

  12. Jason 01/27/2023 at - Reply

    Gay couple 14 years together looking for a coparent we reside in Missouri possibly open to being a donor

  13. Viva 01/26/2023 at - Reply

    I’m 37, African female, seeking someone to co parent with. I have a postgraduate degree and have a job that I love. I also have old fashioned values and would prefer someone with similar. I live in Nigeria.

  14. Lee 01/22/2023 at - Reply

    I am 38 year old male looking for a women to coparent a child with. My mother died last year and I realize I want children now more than just about anything and I always said I wasn’t having kids till I met the right person because my parent divorced when I was 3 but the way I see it I don’t want to waste anymore years waiting to find the right girl for me when I am loosing out on time to be a father so I would love a relationship if there was a connection but right now if I can find someone who lives near me who want to co parent and have a baby with me. I live in the Bay Area CA

    • Anonymous 06/06/2023 at - Reply

      Hi, i just turned 40 years (African)and have been diagnosed with fibroids, i always thought i would get a husband to get children with but now time is 100% not on my side. i recently moved to Scarborough CA, from Africa and i have read your profile and liked it.

  15. Henry 01/08/2023 at - Reply

    Professional male 47 years old. No kids yet due to wife changing her mind after marriage to pursue a career. I have always wanted children to pass down legacy. Interested in co-parenting where I’d have less percentage of time but can assist financially and contribute to a safe and wonderful life. Prefer to co-parent with someone who has traditional conservative values and no against hunting, fishing, and teaching a child to work hard, be kind to people, and never give up.

    • Kim 06/03/2023 at - Reply

      Hi Henry,

      Are you still interested in co parenting?

    • Anonymous 06/06/2023 at - Reply

      Just seen your post and wondering if you are still interested in co-parenting since it look like it was posted in January 2023.
      Am Christine recently turned 40 years have been diagnosed with fibroids and I have to get pregnant as the look has ticked.

    • Anonymous 08/15/2023 at - Reply

      28 years old, in similar boat. Very much interested.

    • Grier 09/02/2023 at - Reply

      Hi I live in Alberta Grier, and am 43 , black african and would love to have one more kids. I have one

    • Yols 10/24/2023 at - Reply

      Hi Henry,

      Are you still interested in co parenting?

      Looking for someone with your values.
      Thank you

  16. Brooke 01/07/2023 at - Reply

    I’m looking for a sperm donor and very interested in co-parenting. Is this how it works? I just leave a comment and hopefully someone responds? Lol

    • Jason 01/27/2023 at - Reply

      Guess it is how it works we’re a gay couple also looking for a coparent

  17. Avia 01/07/2023 at - Reply

    I’m 38yrs old female, looking for a sperm donor or someone to coparent with.

  18. Amanda 01/07/2023 at - Reply

    31 and single. Have been ready to become a mother for SO many years but have not been so lucky as of yet. Looking for a man to conceive the natural way and possibly co-parent together (I want my child to have an active father in their life but will raise him/her all on my own if necessary).

    • Alex 04/10/2023 at - Reply

      Where are located?

  19. Traceywood 01/02/2023 at - Reply

    I need to find a man to get me pregnant now and I will be ready anytime

  20. clarize 12/30/2022 at - Reply

    looking for a free sperm donor really want a baby

  21. Bradley t 12/10/2022 at - Reply

    Hi I’m 45 yrs intellegent as psycicly intune spiritualy, bless e d loving good looking and mire. l n want to have a child for you 2 ladies or ? I would love an offspring . Gold coast q l d.

  22. Quintrice 12/06/2022 at - Reply

    Hello , I’m looking for a sperm donor for my wife and I . I’m using this platform to see if there are any donors that are willing to donate. If so please kindly get in touch with me

  23. Margaret 12/02/2022 at - Reply

    I want a baby I have a partner but he has a problem with alcohol abuse and scared the kid will come out not normal,

  24. Dwight 12/01/2022 at - Reply

    My name’s Dwight, I’m 30 I have a good career and I want to have a baby. I haven’t had any luck with love, and I’m open to taking starting a family into my own hands. Ideally, we could be great friends and co-parents

    • Anonymous 08/15/2023 at - Reply

      28 yrs old… are you still interested in co-parenting?

  25. Percy 11/30/2022 at - Reply

    I’m a 54 year-old latin man looking for a co parent from abroad. I have always wanted to become a father but it hasn’t been possible

    • Anonymous 06/06/2023 at - Reply

      I recently turned 40, African is my race, live in Canada. I am currently looking to get pregnant as I have been diagnosed with fibroids and time is not on my side thought i would have gotten a husband by now but it is what it is so looking to co-parent with someone.

  26. Hafiz 11/27/2022 at - Reply

    I am a straight handsome 35 year old black male. Parents are Nigerian. I am truck driver own my own, and financially stable. I want to find someone to have a baby with

  27. Jerome 11/27/2022 at - Reply

    Am 43 and looking to have a child. Always wanted to wait but the women date now already have children or can’t have kids. Like to meet single female looking to have a child.

  28. Mason 11/20/2022 at - Reply

    Willing to be a sperm donor, but also looking for co-parenting possibilities. Same sex financially stable couple here.

  29. Twinn 11/13/2022 at - Reply

    I’m looking for someone who will like give me they sperm to have a baby

  30. Shareise M 11/12/2022 at - Reply

    I am looking for a free sperm donor

  31. Chris 11/07/2022 at - Reply

    I’m a sperm donor looking for a co parent or someone looking for a donor

  32. Jim 10/14/2022 at - Reply

    I would like to have a child but my Fiancé has children that are adults now and she cant have anymore children. I am a young 50 year old white male that would like to experience co-parenting and raising a child because I never had an opportunity to before.

  33. Shanice 09/24/2022 at - Reply

    I’m looking for a free sperm donor me and my wife are trying to have a child I have never had a baby and want one

  34. David 09/14/2022 at - Reply

    Are you looking for a co-parent ornjust a sperm donor?

  35. emma 08/31/2022 at - Reply

    i’m in need of help of a sperm donor

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