You’ve decided that you want to co-parent, but how do you go about finding the right person with which to bear a child? Many people want to find someone to co-parent with but wonder what traits truly matter to them. It may not be as difficult or as stressful as finding your life partner, but your co-parent will be in your life forever, no matter what, so choosing your parenting partner is a very important choice to make. Whether you’re single and looking for a platonic relationship to raise a child in, a same-sex couple searching for a co-parent to help you to start a family, or even a heterosexual couple who isn’t even to conceive themselves for one reason or another, finding your co-parent match is best done online.

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A traditional family is no longer the only type of family that makes sense, and to be able to bring children into the world and support them completely in a nurturing environment is now what most people really want. Choosing your co-parent with family values, education and other principles in mind will help you to create a healthy relationship based on your ambitions for your child, rather than traditional marital beliefs, can help you to provide an environment in which your child will thrive.

Share responsibilities

Co-parenting involves two (or more) committed parents who raise a child with complimenting views of child rearing, who have agreed to emotionally and financially support the child. Both parents are involved in the child’s life, perhaps equally, or perhaps at a percentage that is agreed before the birth, and both parents commit to agreeing on responsibilities and major decisions surrounding that child’s life.

So how do you find this person with whom you will share so much? Many people are looking for how to find a co-parent match online, and it isn’t as hard as you might think. The first tip that we can give you is to explore our discussion board or forum, get used to the way that it works and if you’re not sure, then ask a question. Other members of the forum will be more than happy to help you get started in your search and they may even support you in your quest.

The first stop on your quest to achieve your dream of having a baby should be the forum, and that’s where you can post an advertisement asking for a co-parent to volunteer themselves to your cause, as well as search through other advertisements of prospective co-parents who are looking for their parenting partner. Whether you are looking for a mother or a father, the forum will open your eyes to the sheer volume of prospective co-parents who could all be your ticket to parenthood.

Find information

Finding a co-parent match online shouldn’t be so hard, top tips for finding your ideal co-parent match:If you are going to post your own advertisement, then you need to ensure that you include all of the most necessary information that you want to know about your co-parent, and the same information about yourself. If you co-parents’ financial stability is important to you, it will most likely be important to them and so this information should be included in your posting. You should set out your requirements for how you will share responsibility of the child, as well as your preferences for family health history, and your location and distance that you are willing to travel.

You will also need to set out how you want to go about conceiving the child, do you want to do natural or artificial insemination, and will you be willing to compromise on any of these aspects?

Posting your advertisement

Posting your advertisement isn’t the only step to finding a co-parent on, and your chances of finding your ideal parenting partner will be much higher if you create yourself a profile that does you justice. Here you are able to post a picture of yourself so that should your physical attributes be important to your co-parent, these can be seen easily. You will also then be able to see other prospective co-parents profiles to find those who could be a match and hopefully your future co-parent. If you are single, heterosexual, homosexual, in a same sex relationship or in a heterosexual this should be clearly set out in both your profile and your advertisement, so that your co-parent knows the facts of the situation.

Once you have screened your responses and found your perfect co-parent, allows you to discuss technicalities of the process safely and securely via the website before you move forward to begin making a baby. The website also offers advice and tips on how to move forward one you have found your co-parent match online, it is your safe space to finding and securing a co-parent, it really isn’t as hard as you might think.