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  • Voluptuous Single Charismatic Nurse Seeking Single Co-Parent

    Posted by ___deleted-user on 26 May 2022 at 03:15

    New to the co-parent scene, and am looking for a single man who, like me, doesn’t have children.

    I think it is always important to know your “why” when setting a goal. I want to be a mother because it is a major part of what I am meant to give to the world. We are all here for a purpose. What each of us bring to the world no one else can bring. So part of my contribution is having this child…I don’t know what they will go on to do, or how they will make this world better. I do know they must have the right father and a favorable upbringing.

    I am a curvy woman of African American descent – I have lived abroad, am a world traveler, and don’t discriminate lol. Replies from men of all cultural backgrounds are welcome 🙂 I’m 5’4” so you are taller than me. I am smart, organized, witty, logical, calm yet resilient during crisis, sassy, tenacious, and I have a really soothing voice should you ever hear it. My hair is naturally soft, thick and curly as seen in my profile picture. I visit the nail salon for a mani/pedi once a month…I take pride in my appearance. Once I have a child, they too will look put together and be well cared for. Did I mention they will eat well too? I’m a great cook. I work from home and can relocate. No family history of cancer, genetic diseases, or mental health concerns.

    You are single and live in the United States. The two most important things that I ask is that your mental health be attended to, and that you believe in a higher power. I meet with my therapist each month not because anything is wrong, but so everything remains balanced and continues to go right.

    I understand this process may be the hardest thing I’ll ever do. And yes, I get that it is a difficult time to be embarking on this journey. But just imagine that first sonogram visit, painting the nursery, cutting the cord, you holding our child for the first time, and that first car ride home from the hospital.

    Please message me if anything I said made sense 😉

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