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  • Veteran, community organizer, and hope to be a father!

    Posted by ___deleted-user on 15 May 2018 at 21:25

    Hello, I’m so happy to see that this site has really improved since the beginning when i originally found it. I made an account about 5 years ago but somehow got deleted probably because of time i hadn’t logged on. Either way, I am still hopeful for the possibilities this could bring.

    I am still motivated and optimistic about bringing and raising a life into this world. Since I was a teenager I always knew that i wanted to be a father and understood that my path to becoming one would be a little different from my straight counterparts. I am 26 now and believe that i have acquired more of the skills and insight that it takes to raise a child and also understand that you can never be truly ready.

    After leaving the navy in 2017 i moved to Seattle and started the finishing process of my pre-requisites for nursing. I am so much closer to the goal i have had since i was 16 years old. Although I have had some detours i have always maintained a certain amount of financial stability and been able to have my own apartment, car, and better than average job. Currently, i am learning to financial literacy so that I can make not only my life better but my families and community.

    I have learned to get over life’s setbacks and how to stay self-motivated. I would consider myself to be non-heterosexual and close to sapiosexual if you had to box me in. I learned after dating that i value deep relationships and connecting with people mentally, emotionally, & spiritually more so than physically. I hope that my future childs mother will be able to find me and help bring into this world the best of each other.

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    30 May 2018 at 03:13

    I am a female Veteran. I served in the Marines for 6 years. I would love to talk more with you!

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