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  • TORONTO: Gay Male in search of Female Co-Parent and Friend

    Posted by ___deleted-user on 17 August 2016 at 16:08

    I wonder if women will be interested–it’s been 15 years since I’ve attempted to “seduce” a female…here goes!

    ABOUT MYSELF: 29-year-old single gay male looking to co-parent:

    -Education: final year Osgoode law student with an MBA in finance from Schulich, and BA in Economics from UBC
    -Location: Midtown Toronto
    -Physicality: 5’11, slim build, dirty blond hair, attractive, youthful appearance
    -Heritage: Austrian/German/Belgian: fluent in French
    -I look young for my age. Don’t be thrown.

    -Health: no known history of genetic diseases, no cognitive/learning disorders, no family history of substance abuse, no STDs; non-smoker, non-drinker except for rare occasions.
    In essence, a clean bill of health EXCEPT (full disclosure here): food allergies, a varicocele, wisdom teeth removal, dental issues. My mental health has been good apart from a bout of anxiety I experienced after a trauma in my mid 20s.

    I’m very intelligent; I’ve studied and flourished while attending the top undergraduate, business, and law schools, respectively, in Canada. But please don’t assume a correlation between intelligence and happiness! I’m a typical Type A personality: very ambitious, principled, and charismatic.

    I’m looking to develop a meaningful platonic relationship with a woman: ideally a single woman who has yet to find a romantic partner, or simply not interested in such. A busy career-woman, perhaps. A long period of getting to know each other would be essential. I would like someone who shares some of my values, but I’m not going to nitpick in terms of religion, political stripes, etc.

    My match would be the active parent with primary custody, though I am flexible on this point. I don’t yet have the income required to support a child while I’m still a student. A contract would protect both our interests as the child’s two biological parents.

    I would require my match to live in the GTA (Toronto Area) and allow me access, preferably limited custody of the child. I have always wanted to be a father, and have much love to give and much wisdom to impart. But as I’m still relatively young and just beginning my career, I wouldn’t have the time to be the active parent.

    I’ve provided my own health and genetic background, and I’m willing to take additional steps to provide full disclosure in this area. Again, however, I’m not going to be fussy in terms of the mother’s blood type or family history of heart disease. I have no desire to “play God” with my child in terms of morbidity and morality, though I do respect and appreciate the opposing view. Nor am I judgemental of lifestyle choices unless they’re clearly detrimental to the child. My search is for a good mother and a supportive teammate, not the incarnation of a perfect being.

    On a lighter note, I do have a strong preference for a Caucasian woman, perhaps with similar ancestral roots to my own. I would really love to have a boy with blond hair. My own mother wanted the same, and she got her wish!

    I’m open-minded in terms of non-traditional families. Some studies show that children do best with a present and involved mother and father, which my conception of co-parenting accommodates. But I think it’s clear that what a child needs most is love and support, whether that comes from a single parent or a modern 4-parent arrangement. Additional parental figures (ie. our eventual partners/spouses) that may come in future years are quite welcome.

    Thanks for taking the time to read. This is a big step for both individuals involved, and we owe the child our very best efforts when devising an arrangement.

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