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    Hey everyone, Im a successful, attractive, and educated 35 year old. I am looking for a women, preferably a Latina or dark skinned women to have kids or coparent in the NYC area. I am willing to support the mother both emotional and financially to have a kid.
    Little about me, I currently live in Manhattan, make very good money running a team for an online publisher and have two degrees in business and foreign language. Both parents worked in Silicon Valley in super computer engineering. No history of generic disorders – no cancer at all on ether side of family.
    It is my life long dream to have a kid or kids lol and I just haven’t found a partner to do this with and don’t want to wait. I’m kind, funny, charming, did I mention cute? lol, Would love to chat with some women on what they are looking for! hit me up through DM or here! Looking to have a kid ASAP – now might be the best time since everyone is at home anyway haha. looking forward to chatting

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    Hey how can we chat

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    I am interested. I live in NYC area but I am 45yr African-American woman if that’s an issue just let me know?

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    Hi im a 34yr old African female looking to be a mom, I’m single and attractive. If u haven’t found anyone as yet then hopefully we can chat..

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    Hello my name is Flor and I’m looking for a donor. I’m a Latina and a lesbian. It’s my dream to have a child or children but haven’t found the right partner for it and now i would really have a child and focus of a relationship later. If interested would love to hear from you.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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