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    Good looking,always full of positive energy and creativity, easy going and compassionate guy who has had the benefit of an excellent education would like to make himself available as a sperm donor. I live in Sydney, NSW but can travel.
    About me:
    – Born in Europe
    – Caucasian (of Russian and German descent)
    – tall (5’11”)
    – attractive
    – dark hair
    – big bright grey eyes
    – Intelligent (university educated)
    – fit and healthy (active,with no medical issues, never get sick, no allergies, etc)
    – free from STDs my whole life (last tested April 2011)The nature of my work requires health check every 6 months and blood tests included
    – heterosexual
    – easy-going, open-minded
    – not currently in a committed relationship
    I am ready to do this just about any way you want it and in a future can help you with sibling.I came to this decision because I myself do not wish to raise a child however I wish to help those who would like one of their own. I am willing to stick with you until you achieve a positive result. Regarding level of involvement with the child, I would appreciate to donate only and as his/her mother if you want to disclose information about biological father, it will be at your discretion only when kid turns 18 and I do not require any contacts with the child. Discretion, confidentiality is completely assured.

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    After reading your profile, I think you match our needs almost exactly.
    Having recently married (1/1/11) we have decided to have a child together, but my husband has some fertility issues, and your physical descriptors and heritage seem to be a convincingly close match for him. We plan that this would be our child, raised by us, with the option of contact at a later point if so desired by the donor. If this is not required, then we would not inform the child of how he/she came to be.
    Are you willing to travel to SE Queensland? Would you be interested in further discussion?

    Hope to hear from you soon!

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    Hi Lucky1,

    I would be interested in further discussion and have no problem with travel at all.
    As a person willing being out of the picture,I am interested in donation only. No any contacts and involvement with the child are considered.

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    I have read your post and am interested in talking further. I am a single 30 year old female who has recently found out I need to have a child sooner rather than later. What are your thoughts with this?

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    hi, my name is emma my partner and i molly are looking for a sperm donor even though i am only 18 and she is 20 we are finacially stable and own our own house we live in werris creek about 45 minutes out of tamworth and was wondering if maybe you could travel to us please email me with a reply ************* thanks :D

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    Hi there,

    I suggest to discuss this issue in private.
    I am interested in donation only. No any contacts and involvement with the child are considered.Wish you to discuss, just drop me a line.

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    Hi, you seem perfect for us, we are a happily married couple that is in desperate need of help as hubby has a low sperm count. We live in sydney and would love to catch up and see how things go.


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