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    If you are looking for a sperm donor around the Philadelphia area (I reside about 1 hour north of there), feel free to contact me. My profile explains some of my history and Im an open book if you have any questions. Since we went through IVF and other infertility treatments (my wife can not have kids), I can share some results with you in more detail but as a high level…. High sperm count, great genes (even the doctor told me this after reviewing the blood test results!), no diseases, etc.. Looking for a potential co-parenting scenario but knowing that someone will be out there that I helped to create will be a great thing for me.

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    Hello, my wife and I are looking to start a family. We’ve been together for nearly 7 years and are both very much ready for children. We are a stable couple that is ready to provide an unconditional amount of love, support, and everything in between. I work in the software industry for a financial company and my wife works as an operations manager for a telecommunications company.

    We would love to know more about you and possibly get to know you to discuss our dreams.

    Thank you!
    L & D

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    L & D, are you still looking?

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