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    Hi Everyone

    My partner and I are healthy fit and loving couple. We currently reside in Perth and are ready to start a family.

    At present we are on a list to undergo treatment to get pregnant at a fertility clinic. We put it out there to all males of Asian decent if they could please find it in there hearts to help us make our dream come true so that we can start a family.

    Asian donations are by far the hardest to attain and the reason behind seeking an Asian donor is for the child to share both my partner and my looks aswell as both of our heritage. We have asked so many of our friends, acquaintances and everyone who we thought might be able to help with no luck. Please email us as we would love to chat and answer any questions at all.

    I would like to thank all of you who have donated to families out there who have struggled. You truly are giving an amazing gift.


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