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    Good morning fellow CP members.

    My friend, whom I met and my very kind donor recently is being sued for child support by a woman he donated to 2 yrs ago. Unfortunately, he didn’t sign any agreement, simply because he trusted her that she will not do something like this. He’s still trying to look for their previous emails to see if there’s any exchange of emails that says he is just donating, no financial obligations etc.. The woman had twins after “medically” trying to conceive and lost her job last year so she decided to take my friend to court.

    I feel so bad for him and I’m trying to help him out. At the same time, I would like to raise awareness to my fellow recipients and donors as well, that hopefully, we respect each other and not do anything like this. As recipients planning to get pregnant in the future through donation, this can really ruin the trust between recipient-donor and can affect our chance to find donors who are willing to donate for free and be know to our children.

    We are in the process of getting an attorney to contest this woman’s case. If there’s anybody here who can provide us with some information, we will really appreciate it. He can only afford a legal aid right now, as he is asked to pay about $10,000+ of back child support!! So if anybody who can provide us with information on how to better handle this situation, we will really appreciate it.

    For donors, I feel for everyone who may experience this, so please make sure you sign a legal agreement. Make sure it is notarized as well.

    Have a great day and hopefully, we’ll hear from you guys.


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    Alot will depend on his location or state laws and her location and her state laws. Also, look into her past profile. The site should still have a record of her options. It could be very well as simple as her profile (if their exchange took place over a trusted site like this one), have her donor only option. I do feel for him.
    Good luck!

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