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    Will fulfill this obligation in greater detail at a later time once site screening has successfully concluded. 27, dominant African American and Native American heritage, no previous children, dog owner. A single, independent, corporate working woman- given no luck in the department of love, but whom possess an abundant heart of love to give.

    I used to sit and ponder what it was I desired greatest from life. Ultimately, the only thing not up for delegation nor debate was the fact that I wanted to be a mother; and not just any mother, but the best mother I could possibly be. At the age of 27 (going on 48) I find myself in an unsatisfactory and unfulfilling position in life. Waking up every day, going to my 9-5, then returning to an empty home…just to do it all over again…really has limited meaning and gratification when done solely for self. Of course by now, I’d pictured myself married with a couple of knuckleheads running around causing me to rip hair from both ends of my head, but hey, our cards are never truly revealed until the present. So here I am, in 2017 on a website searching for quality sperm with the hopes of creating the most awesome, healthy, beautiful (internally just as much as externally), intelligent, and loving child I could ever dream of.

    I am the eldest child of the eldest child, created from the eldest child. I’ve witnessed far too much death in my life, and much of my family has now passed and moved on. I long to experience the joys of producing and nourishing life, not just for myself, but for my family as well. My widowed mother is nearing retirement and just as she has gifted me with life, I’d like to pay it forward and gift her with the priceless honor of being a grandmother. She is my only remaining parent, and truly, I could not see myself being a mother without my own.

    Preferably but not strictly, I would like my donor to be Latin, Native American, Caucasian, or of mixed race. I’m very athletic and would like someone athletic as well and/or tall (6’0 and above). Being a gifted child turned gifted adult, I aspire to procreate with someone possessing similar intellect. Education and academics are very important to me. A donor containing these attributes while being mathematically inclined would rank amongst the highest.

    This is my first time doing this…I actually think it’s quite crazy! But…at the same time I’ve never been more excited in my life! Please review my profile and if you think you’re capable of being a blessing to my family and myself I’d love to hear from you. I’ve attempted to upload my picture on here numerous of times without resolution, but I am willing to provide individually also.

    Thanks for reading, and may God bless you all with what your beautiful heart’s desire!

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