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    For those unfamiliar, vaginismus is a condition which makes it hard, painful or impossible for females to have penetration or intercourse. I know this ad might sound strange, but I wanted to put it out there as someone who’s not looking for intercourse, but love, romance and having an awesome family with my soulmate!

    If you are a wonderful person, who wants to have a (medium size to large) family definitely get in touch! We could work around the condition if we really like each other and wanted to be coparents; it’s not a problem for me. I’m definitely straight though, so if you’re totally celibate and not open to any forms of intimacy that’s a dealbreaker for me – but actual intercourse can certainly be off the table. I’d prefer if you’re Canadian, I’m American but – I also want to become Canadian! I’m in the northeast. Prefer Canadians from around NE Canada too, or willing to relocate to there. I’m over 6 foot, caucasian w/ green eyes and brown hair.

    My favorite holiday is Christmas followed by Halloween. Hoping to find my soulmate by then! :)

    In any case, know there’s decent guys out there who would love you, imperfections and all, I’m not the only one. Good luck in your journey!

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