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    Hello ,

    I am a 23/female looking to co-parent a child with a committed and caring individual. Unlike most women on here , i can tell the difference between a guy who is really wanting to be a father and guy who just wants to plant his seed for the hell of it . Yes they do exist . I never really had a father figure in my life , so i think it is important to have 2 parents in the childs life . I’m not really a believer in sperm donors but thats just for my situation . I live in bristol , have a 2 bed flat and i am reasonably settled here . I’m bubbly , fun , out-going , genuine and have a lot of love to give to a child :P
    Just looking for a man who understands what he is getting into and is secure . I don’t see myself living in bristol forever , so i am not fixed here. I am not desperate , so i will not pick any guy …. I am very picky and well… i should be as we are talking about another life here lol Be good to hear from you and if you have any advice etc .

    Thank you


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    I’m Sean and I live in the US. I am also 23 and I am looking to have a child. My only problem is I do not want a relationship with a woman. So my situation is unique. I am a loving person, who wants to have a child that had a father and mother that was around unlike my own. Please check out my profile and contact me if you want to chat.



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    hi iam tommy i live in northen ireland …iam 27 and iam a joiner…5,8…brown hair blue eyes a med and a friend of mine had went throught ivf but it didnt work ..and left her heart broken as it did me..i love kids and have wanted 1 for alot of yrs. i have a very hi sperm i had to get it tested for ivf..i firmly believe in a child having both mum and dad in its life. as it learns alot from both..i like ur profile as it sounds as if ur so down to earth .like myself…. iam caring and my child would always come first in my life. i could never have it any other way. id just love to have a wee part of myself running about. plus would love to give my mum a grand child as i think its…TOMMY.X

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    I am a single white man looking for a woman to have my child by artificial insemination. I live in Hanford, California. Please email me at **********

    thank you


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    mark from the north east try me and maybe we could add up together 29 single and a daughter from previous relationship – lets try and talk

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