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    I am a 33 year old Indian male living in Boston, looking to help a couple looking for a child. To help give a clarity to the readers, I will address the most important points only. Everything else can/will be discussed if things move forward.

    Why am I doing this: I am happily married and have a beautiful 3 year old child. My wife, unfortunately, does not want to have any more kids (difficult pregnancy) or at least doesn’t want to think anytime soon. While I understand her position, I would love to have at least one more kid who can share my genetics.

    How do I look?: I am a good looking guy. Height: 5′-7″, weights 135 lbs. Eye and hair color – black. I am fair by Indian standards -more like light wheatish complexion
    Educational background: I have a Masters degree in Computer Science and am currently having a great job as an Architect. So yes, I fall under the intellectually gifted category.

    Why now and will I be involved in the child’s life?: I am planning to go back to my home country soon. Frankly, the only realistic chance of me having another kid hassle free is here. While the thought of having another child gives me satisfaction, there is no way I can be involved with the upbringing of the child. I am totally committed to my current family, plus I am leaving the country soon anyway.

    How should you look? : While I have an intention to help out others, I also want to get the total satisfaction of fathering a beautiful and intelligent child that I can be proud of. So I have expectations just as you do. You must be good looking and in great shape – absolutely no smoking/drugs.

    With little time left before I leave the country and the importance I attach to having a healthy and wonderful baby, I prefer natural insemination.

    If you think we are a match, message me and we can take it from there.

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