• Making a baby by donation as easy as 1 2 3

    Posted by mright on 6 May 2024 at 06:26

    Making the process super easy for you. So you can start the journey in confidence.

    Trust is key : your donor is here go help and will fully support you till you get pregnant, and beyond.

    Your donor will send you a very simple contract waving his parental rights : the future baby will be fully yours. He will also answer all the questions you have all along the journey, and he will have questions for you. That is where you realize that your donor has a lot of qualities.


    What you have to do :

    Choose an AI kit you are comfortable with (note they are usually cheaper in the US).

    Monitor your cycle lenghts. Use ovulation strips or equivalent method to detect the moment in your cycle when ovulation happens. The purpose is to best guesstimate of your next ovulation date. If not sure, simply reach out to your donor who will help you calculate the suitable dates. Mark the key dates in a calendar, and no worries, : you’ll get better at this guess game over time.

    Arrange to meet with your donor about 1 or 2 days prior to your ovulation, to allow for a slight calculation error. Fertility window closes on the day of ovulation.

    Remember to relax. You made the right choices, the process is in good hands. Your donor is a great person, and your best friends would think similarly. It is the right time to dream.

    On the day of the rendez vous, bring the recipient from your AI insemination kit, together with a large smile and a lot of positivity. Your donor will bring two paper copies of the donor contract, one for each of you, he will also bring his magic.

    Allow time for enjoying a coffee.

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