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    *Willing to travel 6 hours out of Austin/San Antonio area.
    *Looking for sperm donor– Only looking for a donation, no sexual intercourse will be involved.
    *Not looking to CoParent. We are looking for nothing but a donor, we would not like to have further contact, however, you can let us know if you would be willing to be a part of their lives in the future if they make the decision to want to meet you (if you are not willing that is fine as well)

    About us: We are a lesbian couple, 22 and 24. We have been together for 6 years and just got married. We got into Fostering, and have been licensed for a year, but have only had the chance to get one child placed with us. We meet all of the requirements, and were willing to take in 3 kids 0-10 years old, but they just haven’t been placing children with us. It has been quite frustrating, and we have decided to look into having our own. We were lucky enough to get a 6 month old placed with us, and enjoyed every moment with her, but she was removed after a few months and placed back with family. Ever since, we have been wanting another child. We would like to see what our options are, and see if this will be possible.

    If you are interested at all, please do not hesitate to respond. Even if you feel like you may not be good enough, or feel awkward about this, please still reply. We are not judgmental people.

    Please post a response with:

    Location/nearest big city
    Eye color

    ***Again, we are not looking for a CoParent, only a donator.

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    Feel free to message me. I’m in the San Antonio up area. Your ad appeals to me.

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