• Looking for a sperm donor in Sydney

    Posted by ___deleted-user on 19 December 2018 at 05:42

    I’m 34 years of age and live in the Inner West Suburbs of Sydney.

    I am financially stable , work full time and not looking for any type of co-parenting arrangement.

    I am strictly looking for a sperm donor , who wants absolutely no part or any kind of involvement or interest beyond the actual process.

    I am leaning more towards AI, but may explore NI if the former option does not work. If this suits you and you are willing to help and commit to the time and days , I would love to hear from you..

    I would prefer a Caucasian with Blue/Hazel/Green eyes and Blonde/Brown hair. Sounds picky, but the main reason being that’s how the whole family looks:)

    Age range preferably below 45.

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  • ___deleted-user

    30 December 2018 at 03:33

    Hi, I’m fair Australian, blue/green eyes and light brown hair ?.. Also inner west Sydney.. Plenty of time to help you.. But over 45..

  • ___deleted-user

    11 February 2019 at 06:47

    Hi, I reach all those expectations as stated, I am also 24, young healthy and non smoker. Feel free to message me.

  • ___deleted-user

    29 June 2019 at 07:58

    Any donor here still donating?


    Hope you are doing good. Thanks for giving us the gift of having a baby. Here is some information about us and some that we would like to learn about you if possible. We have shared as much details as possible about the arrangement to ensure we are mutually comfortable as far as possible. We hope you find this write-up helpful in any way.

    First up -my fertile window is last week of July/first week Aug 2019 – I am hoping for AI during this week – either in Singapore or New South Wales, Australia.

    Sat and Family

    About me/my family
    I am a happy, spiritual, agnostic woman in her 40s who already has a naturally conceived child who turns 3 years old in August 2019. I’d like to offer a sibling and when successful, it looks like I had both my kids in my 40s:)

    I am a consultant and coach, born in Singapore to a large loving family who all live in different parts of the world. I am financially secure, love what I do for a living and life and have been independently providing for everything my child needs. I am pro nature pedagogy learning, pro meditation and yoga as a way of life, pro clean eating and would be raising my kids to be kind, fundamentally.

    My 20s and 30s were spent living and working in various parts of the world and my 40s and thereon hopefully in a location that will allow me to raise happy children and mommy. I have an extended support system made up of my loved ones and believe this is the family my kids will come to call family, along with the amazing people this universe will send us.

    I am looking for a sperm donor and not looking to co-parent.

    Looking only for Artificial Insemination (AI), with a donor who has done all blood work paid by me. It would be helpful if the sperm donor paid for and provided me a sperm motility test first if possible.

    Happy to share more via email and/or when we speak/meet if it suits.


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