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  • Humble introvert looking for Donor or co Parenting

    Posted by Mocha on 5 February 2021 at 09:20

    I’m looking for a Donor as soon as possible. I’m very young but I always wanted a child. I didn’t have parents growing up, Well…I did but my parents was rarely in my life. I was raised by non blood related people. Relationships never worked for me in any way. I’m either social distanced or too picky on who I’m around but I’m that way because of my past. I always wanted someone to give unconditional love to and I’ve figured out it wasn’t a man I needed but a little one. And you only live once so I want a kid before my times up ya know. You never know.

    I want to mix my family up a bit so I really prefer an Asian Donor but I don’t mind anyone else really. Beggars can’t be choosers lol.

    gelo1981 replied 3 years, 4 months ago 4 Members · 3 Replies
  • 3 Replies
  • DannyZ

    5 February 2021 at 23:16

    I am an Indiana donor. Where are you located. I am willing to donate without any attachments. If you are interested lets chat a bit.

  • ___deleted-user

    7 February 2021 at 03:19

    Hi Mocha,

    I am a Nigerian bisexual male who is looking to coparent. If you will like to talk and maybe get to know one another.

  • gelo1981

    7 February 2021 at 08:52

    I’m sorry that relationships hasn’t worked out for you. You sound like a very independent person, considering your past experiences, I can respect that. You said that you were young, could you give me a hint how old you are? Early 20s or early 30s? You don’t have to tell me the exact age. I don’t mean to be rude, I’m 39, I might be to old for you. Anyways, I thought I would reply because you were looking for an asian person. Hope to hear from you, thanks.

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