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    I am 38, civil partnered and live between the UK and China. Financially secure but have little time to offer being a full time father. Does this suit what you are looking for?

    I am the offspring of an English mother and a Greek father. I’m 6ft4ins (194cm) tall and around 108KG, stocky/built and have dark hair and eyes. I cycle and ski in my spare time as well as looking after the cat, dog and around 40 tropical fish!

    I’ve tinkered with the possibility of becoming a father for a long while and now feel the time is absolutely right to find a good match for a co-parent. Perhaps you feel the same way!

    My involvement would be infrequent. I travel a lot with work and spend much of my time in China running the business with my civil partner. Realistically, I’d be around for a number of weekends of the year and when the child is weened, to have for a week or two, here and there, possibly over school holidays for example. My parents would appreciate access from time to time. Thankfully, they are very easy going and are the kind of people you can call on for help as and when it’s needed.

    Below is what I am ideally looking for, though certainly not set in stone. If you relate to at least half the things, then I’d urge you to get in touch.

    Status: single or partnered, though unmarried lesbian or heterosexual woman (this is important as I wish to be named on the birth certificate).

    Age: 27 to 35 (may consider a little older, 28 is minimum)

    Fertility: Good

    Education: Ideally a graduate in any discipline. I am a graduate. You are probably career orientated.

    Location: Anywhere in the UK, but ideally anywhere between Liverpool, Manchester, Leeds, Midlands and London.

    Agreement: Be happy to get the co-parenting agreed as legally viable.

    Name and religion: I am not particularly religious, but would like the child to take on my father’s name and be christened in the same Christian faith as myself.

    Upbringing: Child’s upbringing mainly with the mother (and partner if she has one) with both co-parents agreeing to all major decisions and discipline methods. (I’m an advocate of positive reinforcement. Physical punishments are not acceptable to me).

    That’s the headline information from me. If you’d like to know more, please feel free to get back to me with any questions you may have. I am happy to exchange photos.

    Thank you and best wishes

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