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    please see my profile:

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    Hi David–

    I’ve had the opportunity to review your profile and would be interested in chatting with you further. If there’s a more private manner in which we can do so, please feel free to let me know.

    Hope this reaches you in great spirits :)

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    I’d be interested in getting more information from you and possible donation, including learning not only about you as an individual but what compensation if any, you are seeking.

    I don’t know what to say, this is strange finding myself in this situation. How do you market yourself in such a way to convince someone to give you the one thing you’ve always wanted?

    I’m seeking purely a donor who would agree to artificial insemination. I’m a single, 39 year old registered nurse who thought I would be unable to have children. Until this year. I became pregnant but lost the baby at 4 1/2 months and all I want is to try again. All I’ve EVER wanted is a family of my own and I’m looking for someone who can understand my position, be empathetic to it and is willing to help with pure intentions.

    I am not wealthy, I make a good living but IVF etc will never be an option for me. My child may not be able to get everything he or she wants but they will have everything they could ever need and love beyond measure by myself and my family.

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    Hello David… my username is : Tascha1 and I would like to chat with you privately. My most important information is on my page, but I would like to share any other information 1 on 1. I can be contacted via ***at aol.

    I look forward to chatting sometime!


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