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    I feel like I’m starting to lose hope…

    Are there any genuine under 60yrs, healthy NZ males wanting to donate their sperm for free…no strings attached? I know its asking for a lot.
    However, I don’t want a relationship from this, or have sex with a man I don’t know (or have a “fun time”). I would like an ‘at home’ artificial donation of sperm in a ‘jar’ to help me become a mum before I’m too old.

    I realise this is not the most effective way, however this is the most comfortable way for me…especially with someone I don’t know or I’m not in a relationship with.

    If you are someone who genuinely wants to help, will answer messages, not just wink at me, and are in your 20’s/30’s or have medical records to show you have healthy and active sperm, PLEASE get in touch with me so we can talk.


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    Hello Maree

    Yes, there are definitely genuine men out here who want to help women become mothers. I am one of them but, sadly, I am out of your age range.

    Good luck with your search!

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    Hi Maree,

    Yes I’m a genuine donor and I’m happy to help but I’m actually in Hong Kong. Can think of a way out to solve the problem

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    There are some out there, hope you find your match.

    I encourage all men to do this. It’s an amazing feeling to know about my two baby’s out there growing and developing.

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    I am in Australia will you be willing to travel ?

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    Hi. I am your age and equally desiring to be dad soon. I can help with sperm donation. I’m healthy, non smoker. I am of Persian decent.

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    I am living in Melbourne, aust. If you will pay for travel I will help you out.

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