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    Hi! My name is Lily and I am a 30 year old living in the Upper West Side in NYC. I really want to become a mother for the second time, I already have a 13yo daughter that I raised alone, it was tough but I made it work since I consider myself very dedicated and nurturing and I give my child my 100%. I am single but I am not looking for a relationship and the men that surround me don’t fit my criteria of what a good father should be even though they are more than willing to knock me up.

    I have consider becoming a single mom again taking full responsability of my child but knowing how though it was and how I couldn’t provide for my daughter to the fullest since I was doing it alone has stop me from going ahead at doing this. I have also consider using a sperm donor so I can become a single mother and not having to deal with baby daddy dramas but what will I tell my child when she starts asking questions? Or what am I going to tell my family? Then I came across this site and I was very surprised to see that there were people willing to co-parent together for the sake of a child without having a sentimental relationship going on but a very strong friendship and communication.

    I am looking for a really committed man that truly has the desire to become a father and wants to be the best father he can be. I want to be able to count with his help for anything related to the child and that he is able to provide for all the necessities that the child might need. I’m hoping for a well established man, that works, that is educated, hopefully first a time parent and older than me. As for myself I can say that I am a fully committed mother, I make my children number 1 in my life and I am well mannered, respecful, easy going, open minded, cooperative and of course I am expecting to establish a good friendship first with the man interested and we’ll go from there. Of course I will expect a sperm donation from him also. If you are interested please reply and let’s see what happens…

    *Sorry for any mispellings or grammar errors, English is not my first language, Spanish is…

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    I am definitely interested in being a good father. I am a christian and would like to have the opportunity to care for a child the way that my parents cared for me. I was married for ten years and my wife decided she no longer wanted to be married. She couldn’t have children anymore but she had two when I met her. They were wonderful kids and they are both doing quite well now. I have a very demanding career and I am not really content with the women that I have met in the four years since my divorce. If you would like to discuss this further please feel free to respond and I will answer any questions that you may have. Thank you for reading and posting!


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    Hello My anme is Dennis I really would like to have a child and be a co-parent, i have great Job in the IT field and would be able and is willing to take care my own child, I dont have any children but really would love to have one . I am 34 and live in houston TX and will make any arrangements to to take care of my child. I am black with Hispanic orgin ,kind and loving and need my own child so shower with gifts time and my love, this is very important to me very important the the mother be loving as well and very undersatnding. I would love to spend time with him or her red stories and attend play just be there for them always this is my great desire. Hope you read and contact me so that we could meet.

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