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Do you feel ready to become a parent? Have you been thinking a lot recently about having a child? Although some couples don’t experience any difficulties when it comes to becoming a parent, this is not the case for everyone. When you are a single woman or man without a partner to have a child with, in a couple with fertility issues or a same-sex couple, the path to parenthood can be quite challenging. How can you conceive when you don’t have a partner of the opposite sex or you are experiencing fertility issues? Fortunately, in our modern world, there are various solutions that can help all sorts of individuals and couples to start their family.

One of these solutions is to register with a dating website for those who want kids, such as These sites allow anyone wishing to start a family to team up with people who either share the same desire or want to help others become parents. Via these online platforms, aspiring parents can find suitable solutions to fulfill their dream of parenthood, whether this involves looking online for a sperm donor, a surrogate or a co-parent.

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Why should you use a dating website to have children?

Dating websites for those who want to become parents can interest all sorts of people. When your desire to have a baby is strong, but you are either a single woman or man, a couple with fertility issues, in a same-sex couple or a relationship with someone who doesn’t want to have a child, you need to find alternatives to traditional ways to become a parent.

In the real world (in opposition to the virtual world, i.e. the internet), finding someone willing to have a child with you can be very complicated. When you’re single, straight, and dating, a solution could be to ask your dates to have a baby with you. Nevertheless, this is a very delicate, and even taboo, question. On top of that, you might not see yourself raising a child together or want them to be the father/mother of your child. Additionally, they might not be ready to start this adventure with you.

Single people and same-sex couples can also choose to have a child with a friend or acquaintance, but finding someone ready to take the plunge is usually rare and often complicated.
If you feel ready to have a child and, if, on top of that, your rate of fertility is decreasing as the years go by, why wait any longer? You can start your family soon thanks to dating websites dedicated to aspiring parents. Online, you are directly connected to people just like you who are willing to help others to have a baby or are looking for someone to become a parent with.

How to have a baby via a dating website

Dating sites for those looking to have a baby work just like other dating sites. The first thing to do is to choose the right website for you, one that fits your search criteria. helps couples and individuals to find the right solution for them in order to finally start their family.

Once you’ve chosen a site, you simply need to register by adding your personal details (name, address, email address, date of birth), explain what you’re looking for, write a brief biography and add a profile picture. Then, when your profile has been verified and accepted, you can begin to look for a sperm donor, a surrogate or a co-parent. You are now able to browse profiles of people living in your area, as well as all around the world. Contact those who could be a match, ask them all the questions you need to so that you can make an informed decision, and even (if you want) arrange a meeting to see if there is the potential for going further with each other.

How can I find a platonic partner to have a child with me?

If you’re looking to become a parent but you’re single, in a same-sex couple or a couple with fertility issues, one of your options is to have a child with a co-parent. Co-parenting means that you will share the parental rights and responsibilities towards your child with your co-parent, without living under the same roof and being in a romantic relationship.

If this form of parenting interests you, you’re in the right place. On, many people like you are looking to have and raise a kid with another single or couple. You can find plenty of aspiring co-parents by browsing profiles or having a look at our forums. When you’ve found an interesting profile, don’t hesitate to contact them to see if you could be a match. Once you find someone suitable, drafting and signing a co-parenting agreement that outlines the details of conception and all parental rights and responsibilities is a highly recommended step to take before you do anything else.

How to become a parent when you are single?

There are many reasons that can lead single women and men to have children on their own. One of these is not yet having found the right partner with whom to have a child, despite the urge to start a family being ever present. Additionally, as fertility declines with age, those in such a situation may be keen to become a parent before it’s too late. Some may also choose single parenting simply because they want to have a baby outside of a romantic relationship.

When you are a single woman or man who wants to have kids, you have several options. One of these options is adoption. Unfortunately, adopting a child when you’re single can be quite complicated and many agencies give preference to married couples. Another solution when you’re a woman is to have unprotected sex with a date or a one-night stand in order to become pregnant. However, this can be quite risky, and many women don’t feel morally comfortable with this solution.

Using dating websites to have a child is probably one of the best options available today. Depending on your gender, your situation and your preferences, you can either search for a sperm donor, a surrogate or a co-parent online.

This option is interesting because it allows you to easily find someone who also wants to have a child or who is willing to help you to become a parent. You can quickly select profiles that suit your search and communicate directly with those who arouse your curiosity. Once you find a potential match, you need to make sure that you agree when it comes to all of the important decisions, such as the method of conception you will use and who will have parental rights and responsibilities towards the future child.

How to have a child when you are in a same-sex couple?

There are several ways to become a parent when you are in a same-sex couple. You can, for instance, have a child via adoption or a co-parenting arrangement. However, just as with single people, adopting can be a long and complicated process. Moreover, some couples wish to have a baby they can be biologically related to.

Lesbian couples and individuals can choose to become pregnant via sperm donation, whether by insemination or in vitro fertilization. Gay couples or individuals can have a child with a surrogate. Whether you need a sperm donor or a surrogate mother, you might find what you’re looking for on dating websites. These online platforms are a great tool to find and select the right person for you to finally start your family.

How can you create your family when you have fertility issues?

Couples having trouble getting pregnant due to fertility issues can also search online to find a sperm donor, a surrogate or a co-parent. You just need to register with a dating website for people looking to have a kid and then browse through the profiles. If you don’t want your sperm donor or surrogate to share parental rights with you, make sure you sign all the necessary documents so that you and your partner become the legal parents of your child.

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  1. I am 22 turning 23 female looking for man 24 turning 25. I am Caucasian german_polish and chinese_ Thai and Aussie. Brown hair, brown eyes. Looking for man with black or dark brown hair. And brown eyes And wants seven children. Simone who is interested in a long term relationship.

  2. Looking for natural blonde or redhead with blue eyes(mine are blue), who sincerely wants a family and love; and hopefully, have a desire for at least a girl and a boy. I will give you $1000 per week to help care for them, and an investment account for all 3. I live in North Carolina.

  3. Searching for a loving relationship with the prospect of having children. I’m a healthy male, 37 years young, 6’0″ tall, 165 lbs., blue eyes, light brown hair from Michigan. I’m very shy and reserved concerning dating and sex due to my conservative family history. Although I’m a virgin, there are many other admirable qualities I possess which include intelligence, sincerity, warm heartedness and affection plus many other refinements which a potential significant other might hopefully find appealing. Before I become older, I want to experience the delight of creating a family. Perhaps you can help fulfill my dream.

  4. Hi Beautiful ladies,

    I am a 33 y/o gay black male looking to have a child. I live in Los Angeles and ready to give the world to a beautiful baby 🙂 .

    1. Hey , I am Grace, 35, I am mum already, but don’t mind having more , looking for a healthy relationship.

  5. I’m very open to co-parenting with a woman. In fact, I’ve always wanted to be in a romantic relationship with a healthy family, marriage too. I’m 45, in a good place mentally, emotionally and on a career level. So either option is a win for me. Just as long as the relationship is healthy. I have a lot to give. I’d like to share that with someone. What about you?

    1. Hi, I’m 22 female healthy… Looking for same things… Want a baby but want a relationship as long as it’s healthy. Where can we talk?

  6. Hello everyone! 38/male here from Colorado. Typically shy some would say until I’m more comfortable around someone but I would say it’s more of an observing type of thing lol. Looking for a life partner who wants to have children. I don’t have any yet but having children is something I want almost more than anything! I’m not opposed to someone who already has kids (plenty of experience dating women with kids already) but it would be ideal to find someone who would be having their first child as well. My area is in Colorado, so if any of you ladies are in colorado as well, let’s chat! Or even in surrounding states, I dont mind a little road trip!

  7. Hey, my name is Rob. I’m a 45 y/o single male looking for long term, stettle down, and have children with. I’m intelligent, athletic build, brown hair, green/hazel eyes. Philly area. Looking for the Allie to my Noah.

  8. Hi, I am a 34 y/o male who is very quiet, humble, shy but fun-loving and open-minded. I am looking for a woman who wants to have a child with me. I am physically, mentally, and financially stable right now, so I think it’s time. I am open to co-parenting or nesting together. Reach out if you are interested, please. I’m living on the east coast of the U.S.

    1. How would we go about talking? Single 37yr old female here. Very stable interested in having a baby.

      1. Hi I’m a farmer who always wanted family. In my younger years dedicated all my time to establish farm, didn’t have much time for getting out and meeting people. Tried some singles clubs but it never worked, would you like to have a child. I enjoy kids and very good with them.

  9. Looking for a baby mama with an Igbo girl IVF. Looking for 18 to 28yr olds. I’m 52yrs. If interested contact me

  10. Hi,
    I am a loving, youthful and, fertile 45 year old women. I’m interested in finding a partner to have, and raise a child together.

    Due to time constrains, I am here to broaden my prospects. I am physically and mentally healthy, and I look for the same in my partner. New York City.

  11. Im very nice but am incredibly shy of ppl especially a girl i might like and have a stutter so its very embarassing and i would really like to find someone to have kids with and be together. id love for my parents to be able to see grandkids. Im 33

    1. Hi Tyler, you seem very sweet and I find stuttering to be attractive. Im 34, kind, caring, empathetic, selfless, hardworking, and ambitious. I don’t have any children yet but Ive always wanted some. I know I would be a wonderful mother.
      Maybe we can chat if you’re interested

      1. Just saying hi. I’m an older farmer, kind-hearted enjoy life,animals and children was wondering if there’s any ladies out there interested in getting to know me. Hope you don’t laugh I’m 60 years old. Don’t know where all the time went.

      1. Hello dear ????
        I wish to have babies with you.
        I’m Soromeos, 40 years old man. I’m mix international European & Asian. Braun hair, braun eyes, 180 high, 80 kg shortly. I studied MEd and living in Europe and I working in schools & kindergartens. Im social, fit, positive person. I like travel, art, music. I’m fit, no syk, no smoking, non alcohol, non drugs. I waiting of you. I hope you are a positive person and be good for our kids. Let us to have good future together with our babies. ???? Sincerely. Big hug. Soromeos

  12. Hi I’m nigel I’m from Turkey but lived all around the world for 20 years now reside in uk, I am 45 years old and am looking for a co parent in the UK, it is my life to create children but I uave not found the right relationship yet , get in touch

  13. I´m a gentle very shy man, so this is something that is difficult for me to do.
    Still single and unfortunately no children I’m looking for a sweet gentle single woman who, like me, has no children and wanna have children too.
    I never romanticized patrimonial institution of marriage or civil union or anything like that.
    But like almost everyone else I do hope to meet a good person to have children with ideally within a loving relationship for life.
    I’m super sweet and the best dad children could wish for!
    Faithful and I feel a great responsibility towards children and partner.
    As you may have guessed, I am a staunch champion of women’s rights.
    I move easily and I am willing to permanently relocate.

    My physical health is good and I have no disabilities and no mental problems.
    No tattoos.
    I never smoked and I’ve never done drugs.
    Smoking or taking drugs during pregnancies will genetically damage children, both during pregnancies and for the rest of their lives.
    So especially for the good of children I’m looking for a single woman who is a non-smoker / non-drugs user.
    Smoking or taking drugs are bad examples for children anyway.

    Do you feel the same about parenting as I do?
    Please feel free to message me.
    I’ll be more than willing to answer you confidentially.
    Any sincere interest will be responded appropriately.

  14. Hi, I’m a 45 y/o in a relationship with a woman who doesn’t want kids. I have an older kid but want more biological children. I am well off and have an athletic background with good genes. Any women out there looking to have kids without the commitment but all the support I can give?

    1. Hi Paul,
      I am in a 4 year relationship and now he doesn’t want any more kids. He has an older kid. I want a kid of my own, I want to be a mother. I have to exit the relationship to start my family. Did you find her? What’s your location?

  15. I am in search of a woman who would like to start a family with me and carry the rest of my children for me because I am a US Army National Guard and U.S. Army Reserve veteran I suffer from T.B.I.=Traumatic.Brain.Injury. that won’t affect the children I Conceive with a woman because my First child Came out Extremely Intelligent so I don’t believe that my Cu

  16. I’m a 29 year old woman living in WPB FL and I’m seeking a partner for the long term to have children with. Looking to start a family soon.

  17. Hi I really want to find a young woman to have a child with and relationship I’m nearly 37 wanted kids for while I never found the right girl plz someone respond

  18. I live in Wilmington, North Carolina. I’m a 52-year-old white man looking for a woman who like me wants to have a baby. We would need to meet of course and figure out how to approach this together. I don’t want to wait too much longer. My name is Michael

  19. I am healthy and well educated Black man living in USA, looking for white woman who would like to start family and have mix baby. Hit me up on my Snapchat if interested: meckymmx

  20. I’m looking for a woman who wants to have a baby with me or for me to raise. Upstate NY.
    Financially stable and healthy.

  21. Hi, I am a forty seven year old man that is good looking fun smart kind and hard working. I am looking for a nice looking good women to have a family with. I will be a very good dad.

  22. Looking for the right woman to carry our baby. My husband and I have been married 10 years, I unfortunately cannot carry children. This is a missing part of our lives together that we are ready to fill. We are located in Florida.

  23. I am a 39 year old a man who my significant other can’t have a child her tubes are tied. And I want a child we both agree that I can get someone pregnant thru fertility

  24. Looking for a healthy guy between the ages of 30-45 to have a child with and co-parent. Preference would be an Italian because I live in Italy.

  25. Hi I am married, but due to fertility problems we cannot have any babies ??. We live in Sydney Australia, adopting is a long process and I feel that we won’t be accepted because we are in our 40’s.
    I have never thought this could even be possible, but if a lady would be willing to gift us with a child that would be a blessing x

  26. I’d like to have kids with a right woman of possible this or next year. I am ready to take this step and would love to find a good person to share this beautiful opportunity

  27. Single father raising a boy and girl 3&5 just looking for a woman who would like to be part of the family im loyal, honest and most of all trusting just looking for the same thing

  28. 31 year old male living in the North East. I have done pretty good for my self and no looking to start my family. Not necessarily looking for a relationship but open to it but 100 ℅open to having children… You could possible be a carrier or an egg donor or both
    I am just a reg dude open to becoming the world best father ?

  29. Hi I’m a man looking for a women who want to have a baby with me , I lost a lot of time in pass trying to become a father so if you are interested let me know
    I’m Latino , 32 years old
    Living in New York City

  30. Im single getting older Il be 35 soon this year. Im trying to have a baby of my own. I was divorce my ex doesn’t want have a kid in this world. I ddnt know know that until he told me after 5 years of marriage. Now I have a boyfriend he told me he wants kid with me but I dont see and feel it. Im a nice person im not bad to anybody. hard working independent and I care a lot but I just dont understand why being a mother to be is so hard for me.

  31. Looking for a woman who want to start a family right away no time lost since I wasted time with someone who was not caring. I live in West Texas

    1. 44 years old from Sydney. Good career and income. Like to have a child. Would consider co-parenting or living together.

  32. 42 already, yet I have never found the right partner to share in my dream of a big family. My fertility dwindles as I age as a single mom of one (13). I’m happy to have my own if sooner than later, or very open to adopt… given a good coparent match. Call it my last ditch effort to be a mom once more. ?‍♀️

  33. I’m 36 y.o. single professional looking to start a family as soon as possible. I’m looking for a decent looking person with good genes. someone who is able to afford a child and financially stable. I don’t have money problems, and I look for the same in that potential partner. I am in NV.

    1. Hey Cami! I’m Josh. 38 in colorado I know it’s not the same state but we’re close! I’ve been told I’m pretty decent looking and I have good genes (healthy, no major family medical history or any sort). I too am looking to start a family! If yous be interested in chatting you can email me
      Hope to hear from ya!

  34. I’m gonna give this a shot ?? I’m A 28 year old attractive black African female looking to settle down and start a family, I want kids so bad but I’m not willing to be a baby mama or a single parent, I’m based in the DMV area.

  35. Any woman in Northern Illinois want to start a family. I’m 42 years old, never used drugs, I never smoked. Looking to fill that missing puzzle pieces in my life.

  36. I’m 42 years old and am single. I would love to start a family. I don’t smoke and never used drugs. I live in Illinois.

  37. I just want a baby with a trustworthy father. Haven’t been luck in love so I focused on career. I’ve always wanted that.

    1. I want a baby with a woman that want a baby so if you willing to have a baby with me with no ties that’s cool but also if it turned out to be something then I’m with that too.

  38. I’m located in Florida and I’m 34. Single. Wanting to have a baby. Father doesn’t need to be around, but I wouldn’t deny parental rights.

  39. I would like to find the right man to marry and have a child with. Already have one but want more. Wanna be wise about choosing the father this time
    I’m already 28 so I want to do this preferably before I turn 30.
    If you are doing very well financially and are willing to be a caring husband and father leave me your e-mail.

  40. Hello
    Looking for a Woman
    To have a baby together
    As Share parent nor to be partners,
    Prefer from Los Angeles ca.
    I’m Very good looking, healthy
    Contact me and we go from there

  41. 41 year old male wanting to start a family. I feel I missed my chance staying focused on my career. I would really love to have a son to pass on my skills.

  42. I would love to be a parent im not in a relationship and probably never going to be in one after how my ex treated me wich hurts thinking that im never going to have children

  43. Hello from Netherlands,
    40 y/o mtf, looking for anyone who also would like to raise a child, but not as a couple. Fully sharing responsibilities and giving a new human the best start in life we can.

  44. Not really looking for a real relationship or connection with anyone , just want another so my daughter has a sibling .. unless the match is right .. I’m in a Arizona .. anyone ?

  45. Looking for someone motivated to have a baby with. I’ve got 2 sons, would like to have a daughter. I live in Kansas city Missouri

  46. I’m in search of a women who would like to start a family. I’m in my 50’s, in great health, and very financially secure. I own a business and would like to take care of my family. I’d also would like to pass on my family business to my offspring. It’s very difficult to find a person, who is no nonsense, and ready for a lifetime commitment. Contact me…I’m waiting for you……

  47. I m a 32 year old male looking to have a baby with a female … I do not smoke nor drink … very Athletic and healthy…

  48. Id love 2 help any women 2 become a mother the natural beautiful way . I’d love 2 b apart of the beautiful natural process of making a baby

  49. I live Miami and I’m 33. I will love to find a woman that wants children, I prefer a platonic or sexual relationship with a bi sexual woman that is honest and loving, I am also bi sexual.

  50. I have my own home in Montana. Tired of one nighters. The rest of my fam has kids. I’d like that too. Hit me up if if ur interested. Alone in Montana.

  51. I am looking for a lady who would have my baby as my wife cannot.

    I will not be able to live with them, but will be a part of the baby’s life. Will leave everything to my babies.

  52. I’m 39 years old Spanish man. I live in New Jersey. I would like to have a child . Is there any woman who can help me.

  53. Looking for slim to athletic woman, looking to get pregnant and looking for co-parent.
    May consider arrangement with Lesbian or couples.
    NI only – So if youre in a relationship, we should make your partner comfortable with the experience to be open to knowing theyre making the right choice with your decision and pleasure.

    No one with red hair, no double chin.
    No Indian or african, or filipino or New Zealand or anyone from UK
    Prefer Australian, American, Russian or European. May consider Asian.

    Willing to relocate or arrange for flights, accomodate.
    Own on home. Reasonably fit, slim/atheltic build. Well groomed. Passionate, experienced and clean.
    Looking to start a family.

  54. I’m unable to have or carry a baby for my long time boyfriend
    We are loving and respectful people who want to find a woman who wants to make a carry a child for us and enjoy co parenting with us after there birth
    We live in Ontario canada

  55. I’m looking for a woman who wants to have a child and doesn’t want the father in the picture I will impregnate you but don’t want to be in the picture but if you’re having problems getting pregnant I can help you get pregnant I guarantee I will get you pregnant

  56. I’m looking to start a family or co-parent or someone to be in a long term relationship I’m looking for a trust worthy loyal female with a sense of humor im at the age in my life where I want a family or child or 2 to raise and be great father to.

  57. I am a single healthy 40-year-old dad from the bay area and have a beautiful healthy 6-year-old daughter. I am interested in a healthy woman to have a child with asap.

  58. Want to be the best father I can. Want to make love to a beautiful woman and create an even more wonderful person than us to love.

  59. I am a woman seeking a man to have a baby with. I’m from Boston, MA and currently live on Florida. Looking for someone who would like to be a part of the family and financial backing for child.

  60. I am a woman seeking a man to have a baby with. I’m from Boston, MA and currently live on Florida. Looking for someone who would like to be a part of the family and financial backing for child.

  61. Hello every body hope all are fine .my wife die about a 2 week ago I have 3 little cute boys hope find a woman who shear with me

  62. Hello, my name is Z from Boston. Charismatic, fun and optimistic. Looking for someone who takes pride, likes to do the best in everything and would love kid(s) and share the love.

  63. looking for a woman that is bisexual and wanting to have a baby and is 19 to 30 and lives in Sydney Australia as soon as possible to carry my baby

  64. I would like to find an Asian and Latina women to have one child each, a boy and a girl preferably. Im in my 40s and don’t want to wait too late. I would like an IVF situation so if you are open to that, let me know.


  66. I want a child with a man who is loving, true and kind among many other attributes. I’m a wonderful woman with many talents and loving attributes herself.

  67. Looking to help someone get pregnant or even to get prego and be together need a loyal freaky girl whos into having fun with others

  68. Looking for a women who is looking to get pregnant.can just have sex and help u get pregnant to help u out.or I can be there and help u raise kid together I’m also looking for a women to settle with whos bi and freaky dont mind having others join here and there

  69. looking for a woman too get into a relationship with get give me time too get some things with my mental health and go ivf start a family live life be happy for once

    1. Looking for someone to carry on my last name. My father just passed away very important very personal l have very good jeans Italian Irish and sweedish. Very high profile family members

  70. I would like to see if I can find somebody who wants to have a baby I’m able to have a baby but my condition is that I can carry that person’s baby and my baby That way we can become parents at the same time

  71. I am 31 hispanic and want to have kids. I don’t want to keep wasting my time waiting for MR. Right but I would love to find someone who wants to be the best Dad possible to his and my first born.

    1. Hi Jacqueline
      I born and raised overseas live in Long Island New York and doing home-improvement contracting.Enjoy traveling ,reading ,cooking ,exercis and playing/watching soccer games ….
      Looking for a woman with morals and manner for long term relationship! What do you think about taking chances with me?

  72. I’m looking for a woman that wants to have kids I I know I am not going to be around forever I want to be able and leave whatever I have my Earthly possessions to my offspring I’m a outgoing person loving person trustworthy loyal I have a good sense of humor I’m good looking sure of myself I’m just looking for a person that is loving and has good heart that Love kids as much as I do

  73. Looking for a woman who want to start a family right away no time lost I lost so many years of searching now I believe I have hit the rite site

    1. I’m willing to carry your baby with the only thing that down I want to get pregnant too I can carry yours and mine if you don’t mind

  74. hey jasmine i’m Derick 32,single with no children and would very much like to have a conversation with you about potential opportunities to have children…