Solo Parent: How to Introduce Your New Partner to Your Children

You’ve been dating someone and now your relationship is getting more serious? Or you’re planning to start and would like to know more about dating when you’re a parent? Whether you’re a solo parent or a single co-parent, introducing your new partner to your children requires time, lots of talking and patience. Here’s our advice to help your children adapt to this new situation smoothly.


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When should I introduce my new partner to my children?

Before introducing your new partner, you must ensure that your relationship is built to last. You don’t want to introduce a new partner every few months, right? Some parents will wait for 6 months or a year before arranging a meeting. Don’t introduce someone if you’re not certain that there is the potential for a future with them. Your children could get attached and become quite unsettled if and when the relationship comes to an end.

So, take your time! No matter how excited and happy you are with your new relationship, don’t rush. Before you plan a meeting, ask yourself the right questions: Is my companion a good fit for my family? Is our relationship strong?

How to tell my children I am dating someone

Before introducing your new partner, explain to your children that you’ve met someone you care about and that you’d like to introduce them at some point. Once you’ve finished, ask them to tell you what they think about this situation. Listen carefully and show them that what they feel and think is important to you. They might be worried about potential changes in their lives and afraid that you will pay less attention to them, so try to reassure them.

What’s the best way to introduce my new partner to my children?

If your partner has children too, it might be a good idea to meet all together, at the same time. If they are about the same age, your children may be more interested in the other kids than your new partner. This will help things to go smoothly. However, if you prefer your companion to meet your children separately and vice versa, that’s your prerogative.

Whether your partner has kids or not, somewhere casual and neutral is preferable for the first meeting. You could, for instance, go out for lunch, play mini-golf or go to the zoo. Try to keep the meeting short and don’t expect too much from your children.

After the meeting, discuss with your children their feelings and thoughts about your new partner. Do the same with your companion. It will perhaps help to avoid certain situations that may have upset your children or your partner when you meet up again in the future.

What should I say to my new partner?

To avoid any disappointments, it’s best to be honest from the beginning about the fact that you have children. Discuss how significant your children are in your life and talk a bit about them. Explain, also, how involved your ex or co-parent is in your children’s lives. Additionally, your partner should understand that your children need stability and time in order to be comfortable with you seeing someone else.

What should I say to my ex or co-parent?

If your ex is involved in your children’s lives, you need to tell them about your new partner, preferably before you tell the kids. This is the same if you have a co-parent. They might be worried that someone they don’t know will be spending time around their children. They could also feel threatened to be less involved in their children’s lives. Therefore, it might be a good idea to take the time to discuss the situation before you plan a meeting between your kids and your new partner.

When can my partner start staying overnight?

If you’re in a co-parenting situation and sharing custody, it’s best to invite your partner to sleep at your place when your children are away at their dad’s/mom’s. Before planning ‘sleepovers’, it’s advisable to wait until after several successful meetings have taken place. This will allow your kids to feel more comfortable with your new partner. Additionally, it’s only when you’re sure that your relationship is stable that you should invite your partner to stay over when the kids are there.

When you feel the time is right, explain to your children that your partner is going to spend the night at your place. Another tip is to have dinner all together, rather than having your companion join you once the kids are in bed.

What do I do if my children react badly to my new relationship?

Your children are angry or acting up since you introduced them to your new partner? They are trying to tell you something. They may not share your positive opinion about your new partner, or might be afraid that your partner is going to replace their other parent.

Spending time alone with your children is essential to understand more about what they feel and to give them the chance to express themselves. Show them that you’re here for them and that their feelings matter. Give your kids some time to accept the situation, as well as to get to know your partner a little better.

Moreover, it’s essential that you create alone and quality time with your children, without your partner. They need to feel that they are special to you and that they are still your priority.


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