Having A Baby Alone?

What are the benefits of using CoParents.com?

With CoParents.com you are not tied to anything. You can browse members with absolutely no obligation to commit to anything. You are able to communicate, ask questions and get to know your prospective co parent with no ties. If you feel the person is not right for you then you can simply leave the relationship there. Our website has brought together many people who want a baby but cannot do this alone, such as single women or homosexual couples, with people who want to reproduce in either an anonymous way or may opt for shared parenting. There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to co-parenting.

CoParents.com is a great place for people to find free sperm donors, willing to help to having a baby alone. It is the perfect tool for single women or homosexual couples that want to have a child to raise through a sperm donor.

having a baby alone

What is Co-Parenting?

Co-parenting means raising a child without being in a relationship with the child's Mother or Father. Our website allows you to find the most suitable maternal or paternal parents for your future child. Co-Parenting can be a beautiful thing, although a child will grow up with separated parents these will be people who have chosen to have this child to love, nurture and protect and that can be done extremely successfully under two roofs.

There may be people who do not want the sperm donor or surrogate mother to be involved in the upbringing of the child, and if this is agreed by both parties beforehand then this can be a very smooth process. Males may want to donate sperm if they feel the need to reproduce but don’t actually want to raise a child, maybe they are homosexual males but have an urge to be a Father or it could be that their own children are raised and grown and they want to have more children but their spouse is not keen, or it could be that they gained a child through a surrogate and want to share this joy with others who are in the boat they once were.

"How Do I Find The Perfect Match?"

Our members provide details about themselves for you to view, such as name, age, location and a brief overview of who they are and what it is they are seeking. If you are intrigued and want to know more you can then contact the member to begin discussions. Decide what is important to you, the person you choose is going to provide you with a child to love forever, so you need to make sure that you make the correct choice to prevent upset down the line. Things that could be important are:

Race - if you’re a white couple looking for a sperm donor but wanting to pass the child off totally as your own, you need to specify that the anonymous donor needs to be Caucasian. Another thing requiring consideration, regarding race, is that the child born will rely on you for everything - this includes providing them with history of their culture; if you find a Jamaican, African, Jewish or Irish donor you would be wise to gain an insight into that culture.

Religion - If you are wanting to co-parent to have involvement in the child's upbringing a clashing of religions could be extremely confusing and leave a child torn, as well as causing many arguments between you along the line; what school will the child attend, will they go to church, what faith will they practice and so on.
Background - Speak to your prospective co parent about their background, find out what hereditary traits run in the family, as well as discovering if any run in your own as certain combined genes in parents can link to difficulties in the children, both physically and psychologically.
The Embarrassing Questions - You need to keep yourself safe and you need to make sure that your future child is safe, you do this by requesting medical documents from the co parent to prove that they are not suffering with any STI’s, STD’s, HIV or other diseases which could be passed to you or baby.

Frequently asked questions

How can I be sure that I can handle this alone?

It may seem daunting to be facing the prospect of having a child by yourself, and while it is difficult to go through the pregnancy and raising of the child as a single mother, it is far from impossible. You won’t be the first mother to do it alone, and you certainly won’t be the last, best of all, you’ll be following in a long time of many who have done it, and done it well.Any challenge that you face by raising your child on your own will be compensated for with the pleasure that you’ll experience from getting through them. All changes will appear be overwhelming and difficult to face but these changes are all exciting changes and you will come through the other side with a smile on your face, as well as a smile on that of your baby!

Without a father who will be there to support me?

Although you might not have a father in the picture, your support group will consist of other family members, friends and other people in your life. Don’t hesitate to ask friends to hold your hand through the doctor’s appointments, or to ask others around you to help you through the birth. Choose somebody with whom you are close to serve as your pregnancy and labour coach, and don’t forget that one friend doesn’t have to do it all, you can have a team with you to cheer you on through the hardest, and the best, stages of your pregnancy and your childbirth.

What will I say when my child asks about “daddy”?

If you have chosen to go down the route of anonymous donation in order to have your child, you might be worrying about how your child will cope with the fact that they don’t have any way of getting to know their biological father.It’s useful to think about it ahead of time, and prepare your answer for when the question inevitably rears its head. The truth is, that the more comfortable that you are with the fact that you do not have a father to co-parent with, the more comfortable your child will be with this fact as they grow up. Children will pick up on your feelings and absorb them into their subconscious, ultimately impacting the way that they feel.

After becoming a single mother will I ever find a husband or a partner?

Many single mothers do find a partner after having a child, or even after having two. After having a child dating and relationships are often more relaxed, because you aren’t in such a rush to find the right person with whom to settle down and have children. You might find that you feel a lot less pressure, and find it easier to look at relationships more objectively.



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