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I used your site in 2019

to find a co-parent. I am now the mother to an absolutely beautiful 2 year old boy and his father is one of my best friends and a wonderful co-parent. I just wanted to say thank you. From the bottom of my heart, thank you. Jamie



April 05, 2023
Hi, I met someone on here, got pregnant and now have a beautiful baby boy. I am grateful for this site. Thanks, Tulay

Hi Coparents,

I am writing as my wife and I successfully found a known donor through your site and went on to have a son in 2020. We are so thankful that your site brought us to our donor who was a perfect match for us and our family. Annabel and Chloe

Thank you so much for this website.

We found a sperm donor and I am pregnant! Couldn’t be happier! Don’t forget to never give up! Lisa. Canada

I found a free sperm donor!

Very happy I found out about this website!
All the best to all the members on here!!
Jane. United States

Find A Sperm Donor

And Got A Successful Positive Pregnancy Test
Madison. United States

I am 5 weeks pregnant

Thanks to sperm donor. By XXX. He 38 years old male from NY
Madelyn. United States

Found co parents,

thank you, very useful and enjoyable site
Brooklyn. United States

We found our donor

and no longer need the profile!
Thank you coparents.com for helping all our dreams come true.
Julie. United States

Thanks to your site

we found an amazing donor and now have 2 beautiful sons and our family is complete.
Without your site we would never have had this incredible gift and we have signposted a number of people to you.
Keep up the good work
Jo and Jay

We have found our donor.

Thank you so much for your help! Alicia

Hey Co-parents.com!

Just letting you know we found a match – an awesome single lady for my wife and I to co-parent with and, best of all, after a number of months of trying, she’s pregnant!!!! Yes, she is and the 3 of us are very happy and excited to embark on an incredible journey. Your website brought us together in a province with a population of only 1.2 million so that’s pretty cool!! James and Karen

I have been fortunate

to have found a suitable match, & am pleased & happy to announce that we are now pregnant! Thank you, for bringing us together! Trudy

I would like to say a big thank you,

because of this site I met a men who wanted the same things as I do, we met up and really got to know each other and now we’re 12 weeks pregnant, so thank you for making to peoples dreams come true. Louise

We sight really helps

and we found our match! Thank you!! Crystal

I am currently pregnant

with my baby after finding a donor. Thank you for this website. Rachael

I am donating to a few couples,

their happy excitement makes me happy. I hope they all succeed in becoming parents. I don’t try to help to many. George

I’ve made contact with a nice donor

through your site and I’m now 15 weeks pregnant! Amma

Dear CoParents team,

Thank you very much. You are really nice and professional! I am very pleased with your service. I found a man whom I was looking for. It´s just a dream! Thank you once again for everything you do! Wish you all good! By the way, happy International Women´s Day to all the women of your team!! Sincerely, Do.

I found my co-parent

on your website and I am so grateful for your help! I will keep you informed if things work out. Regards, Tom

Thank u so much.

I find out in 2 weeks if I’m pregnant. Very exciting and I’m very thankful for this website. Bianca.

I really thank for your services.

I find exactly I was looking for so I think you are doing a great service to the community. My best regard, Arantxa

I’m so great full for this website

if it wasn’t for this I would have never been able to find the most perfect Co parent . I’m so happy that now my dreams have come true ! I couldn’t of found a more perfect person . Now his dreams have come true too. Thank you Co parents.Com . Monique

Thank you for creating this website.

Thanks to it, I was able to meet a co-parent and now I am 3 months pregnant 🙂 Best regard, Fanny

Thank you so much for the help.

As a matter of fact, yes we found what we were looking for thanks to your website. A donar contacted us due to our profile presentation and things have gone smoothly since. We are currently 12 +2 weeks pregnant. 🙂 Kind regards, Justine

I met a fabulous donor

through this site so thank you so much 🙂 Kind regards Vivien Canada

Thank you so much

for everything your company does. It’s important that women and men have the right to chose what they do with their bodies without it costing a fortune and companies like yours help with that. Thanks Stephanie United States

I just wanted to say thank you!

I joined your site in Sept of last year pretty much looking for someone to coparent with. I started chatting with my now fiancé Sept 14, we met in person Oct 14 fell in love, he proposed Dec 11 and we are getting married Sept 14 of this year! I live in Ohio, he lives in Alaska, neither of us were looking for a relationship, let alone marriage. We found each other because of your website so I had to say THANK YOU! Tanya United States

I have successfully shipped to a couple

who will be having a boy. I am also donating to my last couple who will both be carrying a baby. Thank you, your site is wonderful and I am glad that this site connected me with two wonderful couples. Marque, United States

I found my co-parent

I have already conceived and want everyone else to have just as much chance. Thankyou for your site!!! Cheers, Meg. Australia

Found donor, thanks!

I will highly recommend this site. Also, we’re pregnant 🙂 Tyashia United States

I have found my donor.

Thanks for the service. Sam, United Kingdom

I have found a co-parent

and your services are no longer needed; however, very appreciated. Thank you for your services. Sam United States

I’m blessed

to have met a fantastic guy thanks to coparents site. Excited about the future… Amanda Australia

I just wanted to share my story about finding a great sperm donor.

He has been completely professional and understanding through the whole process. We now have a beautiful, healthy, intelligent two year old daughter (not that we are biased at all!) and are planning another. We occasionally send him photos and updates and we are both happy with this arrangement. We could not be happier with the Coparents experience. I think people still need to exercise caution and use their judgement when choosing a donor, but we did and it worked out brilliantly! Thankyou! Ashleigh Australia

Thank you for the service,

I found my perfect donor, I am now 4th month pregnant. Anna

Through this site I met the most generous man

who was willing to help make my dream come true. I was very lucky at 39 to fall pregnant the first time trying & I am now 17 weeks pregnant. It still seems surreal at times as its all I’ve ever dreamed of. My donor was very respectful of my wishes and we got on great from the start. We are still in contact now. I can never thank him enough. I’m also happy that my baby will know about their birth father and meet him- this is something I wouldn’t get if I’d used a clinic. This wasn’t my original plan, but we get on so well that I am happy that the baby meets him. Thank you co-parents for enabling me to meet the most perfect donor, I couldn’t have wished for anyone better! Caroline

We have found a Match.

Thankyou so much. You are amazing. Hayley and gemma.

Hi there,

we have been successful in finding a suitable donor! Kind regards. Kate

We found our donor

and have had twin boys. Thank you for your site our lives are perfect now. Jess

Hey thank u for ur awesome website

we have found our donor. Michelle Australia

I am so grateful to you guys

because I found a wonderful donor through your site. I am 6 months pregnant! Your site has literally changed my life in the most magical if ways and I will be forever grateful. Thank you thank you thank you. Kind Regards Nina

I found everything I was looking for.

Thank you so much for your site. I don’t like to pay for sites, but I think what I found was worth the cost. Thank you for your excellent service. Elliot, United States

I have been successful

in finding an amazing donor and am now pregnant. Thank you for creating this wonderful site and helping so many people fulfil their dream of. Becoming parents. Stacey. Australia

Thank you so much for your site,

thanks to you guys I found a lovely donor and am now 33 weeks pregnant! A dream come true. Jesse Australia

I would firstly like to thank you so very much

for your fantastic site, not only have found a donor, but a wonderful man to be with and create a family with . We have moved in together , and are very happy. Simply to have this incredible opportunity is beyond words. I hope all continues to go well for everyone who has been part of making this possible. With our warmest best wishes Amanda & johan. 😉

Thank you very much for the wonderful service

you have provided, but I am no longer interested in being a member as I no longer want to donate. Thanks again, Tony

Thanks to Coparents.com

we found a fantastic co-parent, who is pregnant. That is fantastic. Co-parenting works! Michael

Thank you for your wonderful site!

I have found someone who wants to help me conceive. Many thanks! Laura

I have found this service to be great,

and have met a co-parent partner. Regards Craig

We now have a 10week old baby

conceived using this site and are very happy. Thank you. Melissa

Thank you so much.

You do wonderful things with this site, and I wish you all the best! ~Kelleigh

I think your site is fantastic,

and a great platform to provide people with what they are looking for. Thank you very much. Steve

I have found my donor

who was lovely and have had a beautiful little boy. My life is complete, thank u so much. karolyn

I have found a donor on your site

and I am currently 4 weeks pregnant, so thanks again your site has been a wonderful success. Kind regards. Stephanie

Thanks to your website

I was able to find a suitable donor and gave birth to a beautiful baby boy on october 6th 2012. Once again I thankyou Michelle

I basically found my babies daddy.

On the very day I posted my profile. Without this service I would’ve never met him. He’s a genetic winner! Were going to produce some beautiful children thanks to you;-) if I was not bold to put my photo up this wouldn’t Have never happened. With all due respect. Rachel United States

I have found a wonderful sperm donor

and am currently pregnant with twins! My dream of motherhood has become true thanks to this website which I can only recommend. Julesoz Australia

Wanted to say thankyou!

I think I’ve found my donor to help me make my dreams come true. All thanks to your fantastic site. Can’t thank you enough 🙂 Courtney

I would like to thank you for the website.

I found someone to help me become a father. And I will be a father soon. Thanks! Gary 🙂 United States

I have found a sperm donor 🙂

thankyou so much for such a wonderful site 🙂 Hope

Your website has been a great help

and i have found a coparent thank you so much ! Donna

Thank you.

Found a sperm donor 🙂 Tracy

We found a sperm donor!

Thanks for your awesome site and for your help… Cheers Nat and Leah

I have found the perfect couple for me.

After next week we are going to be working on making a baby. Thank you very much. Billy L

Thank you to the site coparents.com

I made great encounters to help couples they all told me that she was happy to meet me!. Thank you for this wonderful site mimi4 🙂

Your website has been a great help

and although i’m not pregnant yet, i have met great donors who are presently helping me and i’m sure it will work out soon! Once again many thanks for your great website! Yours sincerly, Sarah

Hi, your site has been a great help,

i have found a lovely donor. thankyou. krystal

Found a lovely sperm donor,

thank you very much. This site is amazing, well worth the membership. Layla

I would like to thankyou

for all the help iv received on this site. Im now 3 month pregnant. Many thanks x Toni

Thanks I met a sperm donor

and I am 23 weeks pregnant. Thanks, Carys

Thank you very much

for your great site. Many thanks. NYC7

I found a co-parent.

Thanks, Angie.

Thank-you so much for this amazing site,

I’ve found a perfect donor. Thank you. Best Regards. Louise

Hi i’ve found a Suitable Sperm Donor

i’m happy with, Thankyou for the interest. vic39

I have been successful

in finding a donor. Thanks for your great site. Cheers, Rebecca.

I would like to advise

that we have found a sperm donor. my username is lisjac

We have been successful

in finding a co-parent. many thanks. sherily

Hi, I did find a sperm donor

on your site. Thanks. Peta

I made a beautiful meeting

of a future dad (or rather two) and I already recommended your site in my surroundings. Thank you to exist. Good luck, pseudo: Maya33

I successfully found a sperm donor.

Thank you for a great site. Username Hodder3

We found the father,

and I am 3 months pregnant. Good luck to you all. Username jenny56

I found

what I was looking on your site and I thank you. The birth is scheduled for July. I wish the whole team Co-parents.net a wonderful year 2012, as looks fantastic to me. Nickname: tissab

We found the perfect

sperm donor. thank you. Username: ninoudou

So excited….

I have found my perfect donor and am awaiting conception news. Thank you co-parents and good luck to all those still searching. Best wishes, UKValentine x

I’ve met through your site

the person with whom my project. Nickname: coco76

Thank you to your site

through which I found the perfect father for my child and now I’m trying to get pregnant. Thank you very much, I’m just happy:) Username: Nihilia

Thank you for your site,

I found a mother for my children. Thank you! Username: zhk5

we did find a couple

of girls who are the mothers of our children … Baby is on its way for about six weeks. thank you for your help. Nickname Alex42

I have found your website very useful,

and have found a donor that I am now using. Hopefully we will be fruitful soon! Thanks, username bexi

A big thank you to your site

which helped change my life. I found a wonderful sperm donor and I am pregnant THANK YOU Anys175

I found the father

of my unborn child. Thank you for your site. baby3

We have the immense pleasure to announce the

arrival of Romane born August 29, 2011, the immense happiness we came through this site. There are really good people, you just fall on it. Thank you from my heart for creating a site like this and thank you to those who helped us and who have now become friends. Everything is possible, we are proof. Courage to all. Nathsev

Thank you very much.

We found the website very helpful. jodifaye

I have found a co-parent.

Thanks much, Hillary User name: sang.

I have met someone

and am now pregnant with twins. Many thanks Suzannah

We have now met our preferred donor

and assuming all goes well. Thank you, Kelly

Im pregnant!!

Thanks so much for your site!! thankyou all so much. ann39

We have been sucessful finding a donor

and therefore no longer need to use your website. Thank you for your help. ClaireLian

I have found…

what I was looking for on the site. I would recommend your website to anybody looking for a donor. Thank you so much 🙂 Simon80

I found a sperm donor

and done searching…Karen

We found our donor

& no longer need the help of your wonderful website. Thanks, Melinda3

We found a sperm donor exceptional

your site is a gift also. thank you for everything Amelie44

We found our happiness on this site…

Good luck to all the people wanting a child. Stéphane and Mickaël

Thanks to your site,

we found a sperm donnor .Thanks Greeneyed

Its a good website,

we have a baby on the way. Thank you. Tanya and Phillipa

We have the immense pleasure to announce

the arrival of a happy event for 2011 …. Thank you again to you Alexis and Natalie for helping us realize this dream. Courage to those who want a child … It’s really possible … Nathsev

I found on co-parents.net the dad that I wanted.

A baby arrives in late February 🙂 Thanks, Yseult

I signed up to co-parents in april.

Shortly after, I successfully found a donor, and for that I’m very grateful. Remi

I have been sucessful in my pregnancy

and are no longer in need of a donor.

I have found my donor

and I am now pregnant. Thanks . Regena

I am 22 weeks pregnant.

I found the perfect donner and I feel pregnant with the first attempt. Thanks Julie0

We’d like to thank you for helping us

to find a lovely lesbian couple to co-parent with.
Thank you again and all the best! Tom5

I found my happiness on this site

I am pregnant with a baby with a gay couple is a co-parenting. Audrey

Thank you,

your site has been very helpfull. Brian

The man below contacted me through your site,

and we are very happy that we were able to get in-touch thanks to your service. We will definitely send you pictures of our family, and of our happy story. Thank you! Marcela

Thank you for your site

which has me allowed to find for what I looked! Mireille

I found a co-parent

through your site and a baby is on its way. Sabine

Thank you…

It lovely to know that there is such sites I wish I knew about them years ago….
thanks again.. tess