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Welcome to our site for sperm donors and co-parents. and were created in 2008 and already have more than 100,000 users. Active in every country of the world, we are the co-parenting site with the most users.

I set the site up in 2008 when looking for a co-parent to start my own family. It took me 18 months to find my co-parent and since then I have had two children born in 2009 and 2011 and I want everyone who wants to become parents to experience the same joy.
Franz SOF (creator and webmaster of and

The sites and are meeting places for people wanting to have a children through co-parenting or looking for a sperm donor (free and altruistic sperm donation).
Who are the sites for? Women wanting to be single mother either through artificial or natural insemination and anyone looking for a co-parent regardless of whether they are gay, lesbian or heterosexual.

What is co-parenting?

Co-parenting means having a child without being in a relationship. . There are several reasons for choosing this. You are single and heterosexual and don't want to be in a relationship so you want to have a child with a man with the same idea of a relationship as you. You are gay or lesbian and you want your child to grow up with a mother or a father. We can help you to find the future mother or father for your children.For many people co-parenting is the establishment of a system to share the child after a divorce.

For us it is different, it is a choice, a desire to raise a child, admittedly in two different homes, but in a loving and sharing environment rather than in the destructive environment of a divorce or separation.

A sperm donor?

If your country's legislation allows it, you can give or receive a sperm donation for free. Please read our documentation to find out about the different sperm donation guides

How to register?

Anyone can create a profile for free on the sites and and post an ad to find a co-parent, a sperm donor, or offer a sperm donation, provided that the site's conditions of use are respected.Find out about your country's current legislation:
Legislation in UK
Legislation in US
Legislation in Australia
Legislation in New Zealand
Legislation in South Africa
Legislation in Canada
Legislation in Irland

You cannot sell sperm or ovules or take part in any other practice that involves providing a service in exchange for money on our website, regardless of its nature, particularly services involving the human body. We are not a sperm bank or an artificial insemination and are not connected with any artificial insemination medical centres. We are not a sperm bank either.
For more information on these sperm insemination centres, we recommend you contact your country's public health department.

How can I post an ad?

To post your ad as a sperm donor, future parent (looking for a co-parent), just click on "Resister" and work through our registration form. Fill in each field (which may be changed at a later date if necessary) and indicate a valid email address.

When you have completed the form in full and sent it, a confirmation email will automatically be sent to the email address indicated. After confirmation of your registration, simply log-in to our site by indicating your username and password and you can start to look for a sperm donor, co-parent or any other information you require to become a parent.

Improve your ad to find the perfect sperm donor! The text you will indicate in your ad on the registration form is that which appears on your personal page. It should also be as descriptive as possible.
If you wish to make a sperm donation clearly indicate that you are a sperm donor and your reasons for donating sperm ( and is not a sperm bank and not an artificial insemination centre but a system that allows private sperm donors to contact future parents directly).

If you are looking for a sperm donor, please specify the role he will have. For example, indicate if you are looking for an anonymous sperm donor or if you are looking for a sperm donor to assume the role of biological father. Indicate if your child will be able to meet the sperm donor in the future or if the donor will have no contact with the child.
If you are looking for a co-parent, you can also specify the conception method you wish to use ('home' insemination, artificial insemination, sexual relations, etc); the more details you give, the more likely you are to find a perfect co-parent or sperm donor.

Contact other users

Users of the site registered as "Visitors" (free subscription) have limited access to the sites and
An account is required to send messages to any members or to communicate using the chat service.Changing your subscription:To change your subscription, please click on "Change subscription" in the member area (You must be logged in).
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Your ad doesn't appear on or

Check your ad carefully before posting it on or to make sure that it complies with our General Terms of Use. The ad approval process usually takes up to 24 hours. After this time, if your profile still hasn't been approved, please contact us by email.

How does the member-only access work?

Once you have registered and have confirmed your registration, you just need to log in to the site by entering your username and password in the Login section.
Once you have logged in, a menu appears allowing you to access your member area.
You can add to your registration information and specify the details of your profile by clicking on "Edit profile". Please note that you can no longer change your username.

You can add new photos in your "Add photos" area. You can add or remove a photo at any time by clicking on Delete. If you are unable to upload your photo to the site, send us your photo by email to specifying your username and we will upload it for you.

Click on Messages to access your messages. You can decide to delete your messages or friends at any time. Select the messages or friends you want to delete and click on Delete.

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