Young celt/german looking to donate!

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by Isdan1989 » 15 Dec 2015

[b] Hello! I am a young, enthusiastic german/celt, looking to donate via ni, because I believe natural conception yields better results in, the early developmental stages of a fetus and a child created under the context of love will over all, have a better approach towards life. If you're wondering what I mean when I say that then, let me put it down simply. We are all creatures of immense compassion and our abilities to share love are profound. So, if you where to have me donate via ni, I would bring a loving atmosphere along with so it is to nurture during the time of conception. If however you convinced me to co-parent, we could require some conversations on how to appropriately allow us to proceed in said manner. If I sound like your man, please oblige me with a message and I will do my best to return it.

by samie002 » 29 Jan 2016

Hi there I'm looking to expand my family I'm a single mother of two boys and I am looking for a donor I think this is the best way I'm not really looking for co parenting but if u want to be in the babies life I would be fine with that if ur interested plz message me back

by Chyenne5 » 11 May 2016

hi there , I am a single woman with no kids, interested in having you as a donor please message me.

by kelo20 » 21 May 2016

Hi, im interested. Would sending the sperm via mail be an option?

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