Willing to help Gay Couple or single male become a father

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by Calgrl72 » 13 Mar 2016

Hi! I am a single african american 43 year old female looking to help a gay couple or single male have baby. I can have very little to no involvement in the child's life. Your choice! I have great medical insurance. My time to have a child may end in a few years so I would like to make someone's dream of becoming a parent come true. I am very healthy with no medical issues. I see my GYN every year faithfully and my results have always comeback negative for any issues. I very healthy and exercise regularly at the gym and on the tennis courts. If you would like to have an attorney involved with the agreements, I am ok with that. I can do artificial insemination or natural insemination. If you would like a picture of me let me know and I can send it to you or you can look at my profile. I look 10 - 15 years younger than my age. I hope to be able to make someone dreams come true. Thank you!

by delvin88 » 27 Nov 2016

Hi, are you still interested in helping?

by Prosper7 » 11 Jan 2017

Hi Kenya,

Please are you still available? I'm very interested!

by Bellis94 » 11 Feb 2017

Hello Kenya,

I am a single gay male looking to become a father. If you are still able to help please contact me. Thank you!

by Twade » 17 Feb 2017

Hi hone hope all is well.. I am a gay male. I'm single but have a lot I'm working towards. I'm drug free and very login. Plz contact me asap.

by blacafro » 06 Mar 2017

Hello I am very much interested to raise my own child regardless of the gender. If you are still available I would want us to discuss it. I am an African but live and work in Chicago.

by Dglasby » 19 Oct 2019


Not sure if you are still looking or have already found your person. But I would like to know more. I am in Chicago and would like to become a father soon.

by Tmoore » 08 Jul 2020

Hello CalGirl, I'm very interested as well.

by Hade » 23 Jul 2020

Im very much interested. A single black gay man here.Thanks

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