white female looking for black male coparent,us

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by amber22 » 30 Oct 2011

I am a beautiful white female,red hair,blue eyes,I m 35..I am tired of the bull relationships bring. I am straight,,but just DONT want to be in a relationship,,,but LOVE mommy hood!! My passion is kids! I ust cant explain how much love I have for them and how bad I want one..Thats why I decided,I WANT TO COPARENT..2 people who can agree on 1 thing--that the greatest gift a person can give is LIFE,A CHILD!! No confussion of a relationship--just 2 people who want a child and can agree on that child being the top priority in life!! I do prefer a Black Male please and Thank YOU! also I am oneanonlyams just about everywhere!!

by guerden » 15 Dec 2011

Hello Amber,

I like you want to be a parent i would like to be very active in the childs likfe from plays to simple thing we take for granted, My name is Dennis also 34 black has a great Job and very Stable income I am not available to play i really need to be a dad . Please consider contacting me so that we could make it possible for both of us.

by Jon1547 » 03 Dec 2017

Hi Amber! I too want to be a parent, this would be my first, if your still interested maybe we can talk more about this...Jon1547

by rmoore53 » 08 Dec 2017

Hello Amber,
My name is RChaun. I am 23 years old. I've dreamt of being a father since I was a little kid. I would love to have a kid with someone like you and your enthusiasm.

by goldsho » 19 Dec 2017

Hello I like the fact that you want to co-parent with a black male. I am interested, so kindly reach out and I will tell you more about me. Thank you.

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