White Female looking for a co parent in and around Ohio.

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by Cassjh » 25 Feb 2015

Hey there so I'm going to be straight to the point. My doctor gave me two years three tops before is be infertile. Soi am looking for someone who might be interested in co parenting with me. I want a baby more then anything. I live in Ohio so it'd be nice I'd you lived close. Caucasian, perfably but at this point not very picky. So check out my profile and message me if interested.

by mexital » 09 Mar 2015

I could help you out. Send me a message

by Halfado » 10 Mar 2015

I am in the Fort Wayne, IN. area. Blue eyes, dark blonde hair, and single. Your message says Ohio but not where in Ohio so I might be able to help if wanted. Would be willing to help vitro or natural, your choice.

by Deputy » 15 Apr 2016

My name is Bill, and live in western PA. Would love to be a coparent and Dad. I am a campus police officer and have a bachelor's degree. Please message me if interested.

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