White Donor available for travel

Looking for a US sperm donor, or want to be a sperm donor yourself? Then you might wonder whether you should get help from a sperm bank. Yet going to a sperm bank may feel safer, both for the sperm donor and the future parent(s). There is no best way to search in the USA.

by Rex64 » 26 Jun 2014

White, handsome sperm donor available to travel to you at his own expense. This sperm donor is living in Michigan, but will be flexible in order to meet the right person who is looking a baby. 'Rex64' is a healthy and professional male looking to help someone have a baby.

by tweeta » 07 Jul 2014

That's kind of you to travel at your expense. Would you travel to NYC, Manhattan to be specific.

by tweeta » 07 Jul 2014

That's very nice of you to travel at your expense. Are you willing to travel to NYC, Manhattan to be specific?

by tat12 » 03 Oct 2014

hi are youu willing to travel to north carolina

by jonah88 » 11 Oct 2014

Would you travel here in the Philippines too?

by Valvett » 27 Oct 2014

Hi are you still available to make a donation in El Paso, Tx? Thanks for taking the time to read.

by Tel1977 » 28 Oct 2014

would you be available to travel to Minnesota?

by shon26 » 18 May 2015

hi local and im looking for a sperm donar

by alexes2 » 19 May 2015

I live in FL. It'd be an honor if you'd travel here to help. I just had a miscarriage so my fiance and I are looking to try again. Thanks for reading!

by joy48 » 26 May 2015

would you be able to come to nyc anywhere for months july, august, sept, or oct 2015 to be a sperm donor to an asian female

by swirl12 » 22 Feb 2016

Is this still an option

by SmartJew » 08 Apr 2016

I am a handsome, sometimes hilarious, witty, intelligent, accomplished guy on the Upper East Side of Manhattan who is happy with himself and eager to pass on my awesome genes to people who REALLY want to be parents.

I have STD results to share, copies of diplomas, personal references and eventually more medical documentation about my sperm quality and genetic history. I am of Russian-Jewish descent.

I have so much to offer in my genes - it would be such a shame to allow such precious DNA to go to waste! I hold a BA, MFA, M.S. Ed and an opera conducting certificate from the Milan Conservatory.

I am interested in finding a recipient or couple in the Greater New York area. I will provide all educational and medical documentation. I prefer AI, especially with IUI under the supervision of a licensed physician. I don't want any money. I require a sperm donor contract to be signed in the presence of an attorney. I give preference to married couples in which the "second parent" adopts the child.

I think it would be incredibly fulfilling to be a donor.

by brogers » 08 Apr 2016

My wife and I are looking to have a baby. We are very interested in your service

by Tmouse » 10 Apr 2016

I'm lpoking to have a baby
I'm in Wisconsin - please contact me

by Raytyna1 » 11 Apr 2016

Help needed also!

by Starwars » 15 Apr 2016

I would help w donor to anyone want have baby and I am from Maine

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