Wellington, New Zealand male looking for female

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by Mazda3 » 26 Jul 2012

ive been wanting kids for years, but every girlfriend i have had doesnt want kids, or they do but years later, which i cant wait, because of previous experiences, years go by, then you end up braking up and have to start from scratch again, i cant go thru that again, so ive been refusing to have a girlfriend, and been focusing on finding someone that wants to base the relationship on the kids,

ive thought about becoming a sperm donor, which i dont mind doing, or a co parent, then came accross this site, so hopefully i find someone, im not rich, i dont care for money, all i care about is working at a job i like doing, and starting a family, and will do almost anything to achieve this, please feel free to ask me questions, or message me :)

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