Wellington Donor Needed

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by Melta » 20 Sep 2017

We are in the early stages of trying to conceive, we are going through The Fertility Associates and are now trying to find a donor ourselves to try and speed up the process and avoid going on the wait list.
We would need someone who is located in Wellington or is willing to travel to Wellington to make the donation.
Also you would need to have tests done before donating but this can be done outside of Wellington if there is a clinic in your area.
If this is something you would be happy to discuss with us then please get in contact.
Mel and Tash

by Wanahelp » 19 Nov 2017

Happy to help. Im not a premium member so how can we communicate?

by Wendol » 23 Jul 2018

I will be in Welington for a few more months. But Ihave given an anonymous sperm donation to Fertility Associates It might be a bit odd showing up there again.

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