wanting a male co-parent in midwest

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by Kati » 06 Jan 2011

I am a white female looking to find a male co-parent. I already have a 9 yr old and have been wanting another child for a while but i have not found that right someone. It didn't work out with my childs father and he is completely out of our childs life by his own choosing. No matter how much I ask for his involvement it never amounts to anything. I have seen how muchthis hurts our child so that is why I would really want to co-parent with someone instead of just sperm donor. I am a good-looking, educated, fit, later 20's female looking for a responsible, friendly male to have a child with me and raise the child with 50-50 responsibility.[color=#FF0000] [/color]

by Ned » 16 Oct 2011

I am no longer in the midwest but I long for the same thing you do. I know first hand what it's like to grow up without a father because he chose not to be there. I want a child far too much to allow that to ever happen. I would insist on being a part of my child's life no matter the sacrifices I may have to make. My dreams are to actually meet someone, marry and have kids but perhaps it can work in the other direction too. Have a child, fall in love then marry. You never know.

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