WANTED: Kindhearted man who is ready to be a great father!

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by Julie023 » 01 Apr 2020

Hey! I am a 42 year old independent professional woman from NJ.
After many years of contemplating, I have decided I am ready to have a child.
I am looking for an open minded man who is kindhearted and responsible, who is interested in being an active participant in their child’s life. I am not interested in a romantic relationship or someone who only wants to be a donor. I believe a supportive father plays a crucial role in the healthy development of a child, which is why I am not looking for a donor.
More about me: I am single, white, light brown hair, green eyes, 5’3”, 140ish lbs, athletic. I love many different types of music, hosting BBQ’s and gatherings at home, good conversation and good people. I am not religious but very spiritual. I’m hoping to form a bond/friendship with the father of my child.
If this sounds like something that fits what you are looking for, send me a message. I’d be interested in talking to you in more detail!

by Rich4 » 03 Apr 2020

I got u on that.ill give you a baby but im from florida.

by Proudpap » 03 Apr 2020

I'd love to chat

by DeeSam00 » 04 Apr 2020

I would like to talk with you on this if there’s mutual interest.

by Julie023 » 09 Apr 2020

Hi DeeSam00,

I’d be interested in getting to know more about you. Can we connect?

by DeeSam00 » 12 Apr 2020

Hi Julie023,

Thanks. How do we do this? PM via email?

by Tennesse » 18 Apr 2020


by Mabelw7 » 27 Apr 2020

Hi i am beautiful pharmacist. Who would be an amazing mom

by Johnthomas » 04 May 2020

How’s it going? I can help. Let’s communicate

by Johnthomas » 04 May 2020

I can help. Contact me

by harry2 » 11 May 2020

I am interested. Love to connect and explore.

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