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by dazza » 17 Mar 2010

Hi, I'm 27 years old i work and study in IT. For the last 4yrs I have wanted to have a baby, but find the right time or person to have one with never seem to happen, so this year 2010 I am ready to become a father.

I consider myself to be a warm. loving, curious, intelligent individual who finds beauty from the smallest of things.Im looking for some one to co-parent with me. Im not looking for a lot some one that really wants a baby and to look after him/her but i would really like to be a big part of the baby's life, be there for it and help out as much as i can. im looking for a nice person, and loving that just what im looking for someone i can trust! so if your out there please do email me for a chat.Im hardworking,brainy,charming and a lovely nature and never smoked , i would consider to travel anywhere to meet up? just one of the unlucky ones that ant had a chance to become a dad. It would make me so happy the best thing ever. I hope to here from you soon :-)


by chocolate » 21 Mar 2010

I know how you feel the wanting to be a parent feeling. I love your posting.

by Jinreal » 29 May 2010

Hello, I have read your profile and I am interested. If you would like to chat you can send me a message on co-parents.net. You can look up Jinreal and read over my profile.

Talk to you soon,

by viveca » 06 Jun 2010

You can read my profile in co parents I am viveca.

by heatherm » 23 Jul 2010

Are you looking for a relationship? or Co-parenting?
I am not looking for a relationship but do want to co-parent.
I'm 39 and battled cancer and won. So, this is my last chance at motherhood. Going to the brinks of death makes someone like myself look at how selfish I've been. My father calls me a professional student. I've been to three universities over the last 15 years and still don't have a degree. Because of my illness I am now online and determine to change myself and finally grow up and get that degree. (I could have been a doctor by now, lol)
I had red hair before it fell out, now its dark brownish, blue-green eyes, freckles.
I am a tad hefty. I had a condition called starvation-mode after I beat the illness. Now I am on the highest hormone level there is, that is suppose to help. I lost 18 lbs in one week! yeah! Anyhow...I haven't had any children nor married. But, I'm not interested in a relationship, but we could talk about terms. Like, six months with you and then wih me, or every weekend, or every other month...what ever will work.

I live in Oklhama but plan to move home to Oregon next july 2011.

by Tina222 » 23 Jul 2010

Hi Dazza,

Please look me up, i'd like to speak and find out more about you.
Hope to hear from you soon.

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