Vancouver Sperm donor 34, Master's degree from the UK

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by Andre321 » 11 Sep 2018

Hi there, I am a 34 year old recent immigrant to Canada from the UK looking to become a sperm donor. I am an educated professional and not against future contact. I'm in a long term relationship but my partner doesn't want to have kids. Get in touch, I have a membership so I can respond.

by TLM7668 » 16 Nov 2018

Hello Ander321, my name is TarA ( TLM7668). I am in a long term relationship but my husband is much older with me and has some issues which is preventing us from having a child.. I am 42, very tall, attractive and young looking and at heart but very intelligent and am at a time in my life where I want children of my own but I don’t know how much time I have and how long it could take if at all for my mans issues to possibly be solved.. I am open to all options and would kindly ask for us to learn a little more about each other.. I am in Bancroft, Ontario.. take care, Tara

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