usa girl looking for japanese/Korean/chinese sperm donor

Looking for a free sperm donor in India, Singapore, Honk-Kong or any other Asian country? If you are unsure of how to make a sperm donation, use this board - it is yours! Making a sperm donation or finding a free sperm donor is never easy and will depend on local regulation regarding free sperm donor conception in your country.

by Jasmynee26 » 18 Nov 2015

Hey , im interested in finding a japanese or Korean or chinese sperm donor preferably japanese , I live in the usa though contact me at ***

by lukeko » 23 Nov 2015

Your email address is masked by the system...

by Zhinan » 14 Jan 2016

I am interested. Please check out my profile.

by kingclu » 14 Feb 2016

View my profile if you're interested.

by Steven555 » 17 Feb 2016

please take a look at my profile if you're interested. thanks

by jacksun » 06 Apr 2016

I am a Chinese. I am interested.If you need my help ,please reading my profile and contecting me.

by jjiang39 » 17 Nov 2016

I am of East Asian descent, 5'10-5'11, 150lbs, not a muscle guy but actively involved in sports. I hold a Master's in STEM and am currently working towards my PhD, so IQ is not a concern. I like reading, writing, outdoor activities, and learning languages (Yes I can speak Japanese). Let me know if you are interested.

by ccjason » 06 Oct 2017

I am Chinese but live in Australia, if you are interested, just check out my detail.

by elmerfud » 07 Jan 2018

I am interested. please check my profile and message me.

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