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by Cakeboy » 09 Dec 2017

Hello! Let me start this off by stating that we are in a very happy relationship and have been for a long time now. There is another child already within our family and we would love to expand it even more. I am highly interested in hearing from someone who may be interested and could potentially travel to help us out as we cannot. Talking beforehand would be a great thing and we are not opposed to creating a bond with our donor, or even not if the donor wants no part in anything that is okay too. We just really want a baby. So much so that it hurts. We only have a short window to get pregnant and carry a child, so it would mean the world to us. If anyone can go near the Sudbury area, or closer, let me know :) Maybe we can exchange some information so we can talk about this. I can't wait to hear the prospects of potentially starting my family.

- In need of sperm donor
- Will do Natural Insemination
- Will do IUI (from sperm in a cup)
- Willing to do a closed type of donor where there is no type of contact afterwards
- Willing to send photos of the child and/or be friends
- Pretty flexible when it comes to what we would like to do so please don't feel afraid to answer our forum post

Thank you so much for reading this and I hope that you enjoyed reading my post. :)

by LukaRam » 28 Jan 2018

Have you found what you need?

by LukaRam » 28 Jan 2018

Have you found what you need?

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