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    In a nutshell: I am a 37-year-old straight woman looking for a coparent of any gender (preferably female) and any sexual orientation. Our value systems should, of course, match well. I live in Greenbelt, Maryland. I am a mother of a 9-month-old. My son has brought so much meaning to my life that I want at least one more child. Below are two preferences on how I would like to have my second child.
    First preference: I hope to find a (straight or lesbian) single woman who is happy to carry the child. The child will have two mothers who share legal custody. I have a male friend who is happy to donate sperm. His role in parenting would be minimal – like a godfather providing some practical and financial support, but he will not have legal custody. We could use his sperm unless you have other preferences. I had a rough pregnancy, mainly due to prenatal depression, and a traumatic child birth. I would therefore like to avoid getting pregnant. I will provide a lot of support throughout my female coparent’s pregnancy, much more than most men/husbands would.
    Second preference: In case the above ambitious and unconventional plan does not materialize in the near future, I have not ruled out getting pregnant myself. If my co-parent is a man, I’ll conceive using his sperm through artificial insemination. I need someone who can be very supportive during the pregnancy (emotionally and practically, like doing the cooking, grocery shopping etc.) and coparent FULLY with me in every way.
    I have to live in MD or nearby as I need to live near my current child’s father. I am Indian. My son is half-white. I’d like my second child to be racially similar to me or my son, but this is only a preference. I am also open to a 3-parent arrangement as it means more love, resources, and people to learn from for the child.
    Thanks for reading. I hope you find what you are looking for.

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