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    Hi everyone! I’m a 33 year old white male with a graduate degree from a fairly prestigious university. I live in OC, but can travel anywhere in Southern California.

    I am 5’9″, have grayish eyes, am drug and disease free, very healthy, and was pretty good at several sports during high school and college (before my career took over).

    My family has no real history of genetic diseases and I have successfully had children. One of my grandparents is a centenarian, both of my parents are alive/healthy, two of my other grandparents are still alive, and the last one died in her 80s of natural causes unrelated to genetics.

    For professional reasons, our interactions would need to be strictly anonymous on my end.

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    Hello , my name is Mia and I am 22 . My wife and I are looking to start a family this year. I am currently in the Airforce reserve and just completed my bachelors degree in Nursing. If you would wish to have a conversation please message us

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