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    Posted by ___deleted-user on 11 March 2019 at 21:50

    Hi, I am rather knew to this concept and would love some advice from people who (say) they have done this before. I have a few questions off the top of my head but I’m open to all serious advice from those who’ve been through the process at least once.

    I’m coming from the point of view of getting a sperm donation, vs co-parenting, although I’d be open to the person being in the child’s life with clear boundaries. I’m more interested in the “what should be discussed and relieved before the child is born” but I’m very open to any advice beyond that time period! I’m also worried about personal security kind of information, and what this information could be used for in the future lol So here are a few I’ve thought of:

    1 – I know my family history, and if the donor is not going to play a role in my child’s life, how much does he need to know/is it fair of him to ask?
    2 – It’s illegal to pay for sperm in Canada (so it says on this website) but it seems that items in lieu are somehow allowed? Anyone know more about that? If it’s true, what kind of tokens/honorariums are acceptable?
    3. What kind of legal documents should you have drawn up and are there any good examples online?
    4. What kinds of things to look out for/scams should people be aware of?
    5. How do you know Doctor paperwork is authentic?

    haha I know these are not easy questions, but I thought maybe some people who have been through the process may know more and have some good advice.


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