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  • SWM seeking SWF for large family – maybe homesteading too!

    Posted by ___deleted-user on 1 March 2022 at 05:29


    I’m a sane single white male, 31 who has good moral character, seeking a single white female ages 18-30 to have a large family with – specifically I’d like to date someone for 1 year, and if we can put up with each-other for a year marry her and have children. 🙂 These are definitely scary times, but I don’t see why not to try to plan for the future anyway!

    First off, I’m an INTP on the Myers Briggs personality test, and think I’m probably most compatible with INFPs and INFJs. You can take a free test online if you’re unsure of yours. But any type could be okay as long as we share the same values – that’s the most important thing to me. I am looking for someone who doesn’t believe in taking chemical birth control. I’m also seeking someone interested in simpler lifestyles with a skepticism of technology, even in outright joining the more liberal Amish – the ones that drive cars but still don’t participate in wars.

    I’d like to have a large family, if at all possible, and believe it’s important we’re genetically compatible (good health, mental and physical), mentally compatible, and spiritually compatible. A little more about me: I’m over 6′, have green eyes, thing with brown hair. I believe I’d be a good Dad, I’m patient and like kids, and also almost never get angry or yell – unless for good reason.

    I’m looking for a woman who’s kind and values and appreciates and respects my leadership, as I would value and appreciate and respect her leadership. I am against dating someone who’s an athiest, but would consider someone of any religion or even someone who is spiritual but unaffiliated. I value intelligence, creativity, and certainly find it nice when people laugh at my jokes 😉 So I’d need to find someone with a similar sense of humor- I find it really hard to describe mine. I have a wild imagination, and you will never guess what I’m about to say next – no matter how long you know me 🙂

    Regarding children, I’d like to start with one naturally, and see how things go. I think taking care of kids is really hard, but it’s easier after the 1st one I think. I use social media, but I am cutting back on my usage. I wouldn’t want my kids growing up on a computer screen, I would like to find some kind of alternative to that. I’m very much anti-homeschooling though, I think people become too sheltered/indoctrinated. I think it would be best to send my children to a good public school, or private school if possible.

    I have barely dated, and am seeking similar. In terms of getting to know eachother, I think we ought to talk on the phone first for awhile, then exchange photos, then go from there. I’m in the northeastern USA. Please reach out if you are intrigued and even think there’s a slight possibility you’re “the one” for me. I know it’s not guys who choose really, it’s the women. And of course, we’ll choose you back if we like you 🙂

    I hope you have a wonderful day and thankyou for reading!

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