• STI/STD Awareness – Ladies please read.

    Posted by yourway on 8 February 2019 at 14:25

    Please remember that STI/STD results are for a range of transmissible infections and diseases – but they do not cover them all.

    Some of these are not detectable until 3 months time after they have been contracted by the donor.
    This is why IVF clinics require follow-up testing 3 months after the initial test/sperm deposits.
    That means someone could have been infected 2 months ago and it may not show up on their results – so even they don’t know of it!
    Therefore if you have a reason for concern, you might politely inquire of their recent sexual activity or partnered status.

    If you are suspicious of a donor, (find a new one or) it might also be worth asking to confirm their identity against the name/age on the STI/STD results.

    There are also minute chances of false-negatives, but this is being a little paranoid, as it is typically less than 1% for each thing tested.

    Although there is no sexual contact with artificial insemination (“AI”), all STI/STDs can still be contracted through the sperm sample itself – but the chances are less – so yes, it’s safer. There are also some things that basically can only be transmitted through sexual contact – so AI is safer yet again.

    All the best.

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