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    Can anyone explain to me the logistics of sperm shipment. Also, how does one go about confirming the donor’s STD-free status, or that the male’s self-proclaimed qualities are legitimate. I’d appreciate any answers.

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    Shipping via the online popular ‘DIY kits’ does not work, lol. You can have a fertility clinic ship fozen and properly stored samples using specific containers and hardware – they usually will only send it to another clinic or doctor’s office. Per regulations, safety, etc.

    As far as verifying STD/health status, I’d ask for a updated STD test panel with their name and date on it and obviously make sure it’s from a legit lab or clinic. I get mine via Labcorp or my doctor’ office.
    You can have someone scan and email it to you or snail mail a copy.

    It’s highly advised and totally reasonable that you should require a standard health and STD panel test results before accepting a donor.
    Again, unless you utilize a clinic, a known in person donor would provide the donation right then and there – either AI or NI…I know some people think there is some other magical/ online ordering way to become pregnant and that everything is at a click of a mouse, :lol: , yet this is not one of those things.

    Sorry, blame Mother Nature..babies only happen by generally very specific ways.
    Some lesbian couples I have assisted seem to think it’s like ordering something off amazon. If only it were that simple.

    My advice is trust your instinct and if a donor can’t provide the basic minimum documented health tests beforehand, then you may need to expand your search.
    Having said that, I wouldn’t put much faith in the at home shipping kit nonsense either.

    Yes, getting pregnant either requires a lab/clinic method or on site fresh samples. Sorry, just the way it is :D

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